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    Tesla Wheels

    T Sportline Wheels Engineered Specifically for your Tesla

    ALL ORIGINAL. At T Sportline, we manufacture wheels with Tesla factory specifications in mind. This means our wheels will fit your Tesla with no issues just like Tesla factory wheels. Our wheels fit over all the Performance or Plaid big brake calipers on the Model S, 3, Y and X. Our wheels also fit factory hardware. This means you don’t need aftermarket lug nuts, center caps, centering rings or additional hardware to install our wheels. You can use your factory lug nuts, factory center cap (58mm diameter) and factory TPMS sensors.

    FLOW FORGED CONSTRUCTION.We manufacture our more affordable Tesla wheel collection in a flow forged construction. The rim of each wheel is spun between two rollers with heat applied resulting in a lighter stronger wheel.

    FULLY FORGED CONSTRUCTION.Our fully forged Tesla wheels are machined on a CNC machine from a single 6061-T6 aluminum forging to create a stronger lightweight wheel compared to our Flow Forged series.

    FITMENT.We offer our Tesla wheels similar (if not the same) as factory Tesla sizes. We offer square (same size front and rear) as well as staggered (narrower front wheel, wider rear wheel) fitments.

    The Model 3 factory Tesla wheels are offered in two sizes for the Rear Wheel Drive or Dual Motor Model 3. 18x8.5” wheels are standard size and come with a 235/45/18 tire. Upgraded wheels are offered in 19x8.5” with a 235/40/19 tire. 

    The Model 3 Performance comes with a 20x8.5” wheel and a 235/35/20 tire.

    For more detailed information check out our Model 3 Wheel Guide.

    The Model Y Tesla factory wheels are offered in two sizes for the Model Y Long Range. 19x9.5” standard wheels and 20x9.5” upgraded wheels. The 19” factory tire size is 255/45/19. The 20” factory tire size is 255/40/20.

    The Model Y performance comes standard with 21x9.5” front wheels and 21x10.5” rear wheels. The factory tire sizes are 255/35/21 front and 275/35/21 rear.

    Our Model Y wheel collection is available in 19”, 20” and 21” wheels both in Flow Forged and Fully Forged construction.

    For more detailed information check out our Model Y Wheel Guide.

    The 2021 Tesla Model S Long Range and Tesla Model S Plaid factory wheels come in three diameters from the Tesla. 19x9.5” front and 19x10.5” rear.

    The front tire size is 255/45/19 and the rear tire size is 285/40/19.

    Upgraded wheels are also offered in 20x10” and 20x11” on Tesla’s “track package.” The front tire is a 285/35/20 and the rear tire is a 305/30/20. 

    Lastly, there is a 21” upgraded option. The front wheel is a 21x9.5” and the rear wheel is a 21x10.5”. Respective tire sizes are 265/31/21 front and 295/30/21 in the rear. 

    We offer both 19” and 20” Tesla wheels in square fitments (same size front and rear) to allow Tesla owners the ability to rotate their tires. We also offer a staggered fitment for a more aggressive sporty look and better handling. 

    For more detailed information check out our Model S 2021+ Wheel Guide.

    The Model X factory 20” wheels are 20x9.0” up front and 20x9.5” in the rear. These wheels are equipped with 265/45/20 tires up front and 275/45/20 tires in the rear. 

    The Model X Performance or Plaid comes with 22x9.0” wheels up front and 22x10” wheels in the rear. Factory tires sizes are as follows: 265/35/22 front and 285/35/22 rear.

    For more detailed information check out our Model X 2021 Refresh Wheel Guide.