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    22" Tesla Cybertruck Wheels & Rims

    The Tesla Cybertruck is unmatched in automotive design, exactly the innovation we’ve come to expect from Tesla!  As the leader in Tesla aftermarket wheels and rims, T Sportline leveraged over ten years of experience manufacturing Tesla wheels and set out to design the best looking and performing lineup of aftermarket upgrade wheels for the Tesla Cybertruck.  The Cybertruck commands more than a ‘one design for all’ wheel offering and T Sportline was happy to step up and launch the most comprehensive lineup of several new and unique aftermarket Tesla Cybertruck wheel designs and sizes.   The 22” Cybertruck wheels and rims are tuned for owners seeking that plus size wheel and shorter tire sidewall look and handling improvement.  The 22” upsized wheel for Cybertruck features a gain in wheel diameter while maintaining the proper tire diameter.  The shorter sidewall offers less tire flex and reduces body roll during hard cornering and spirited driving.   With a vision of serving all the different Cybertruck owner budgets and use cases, T Sportline’s Cybertruck wheel offering features multiple different wheel designs, specs and sizes – the 22” lineup offers the ultimate in style and strength in a CNC-chiseled fully forged monoblock wheel.  All offerings bring personalized styling, a design language that meshes nicely with Cybertruck’s distinctive looks, and the worry-free ‘bolt-on’ compatibility, proper Cybertruck load rating & fitment and quality T Sportline is known for.  As with all T Sportline wheels, T Sportline Cybertruck rims work with factory Tesla lug nuts, TPMS sensors, and center caps along with featuring a true Cybertruck hub spec, and a perfect fitment that ensures no issues and no tire 'rubbing' ever.  

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