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    T Sportline Dealers

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    T Sportline was established in 2013 to create the aftermarket for high-quality enthusiast products designed exclusively to fit Tesla vehicles. We have been the trendsetting benchmark for almost a decade, using our in-house designs and engineering expertise to create the products enthusiasts and quality-minded Tesla owners demand. If you have found yourself unimpressed with the ‘generic’ products available from others, then you will be impressed with our top-of-the-line selection of exciting Tesla upgrades. T Sportline wheels, carbon fiber components, performance products, and interior upgrades are the best in the world because we designed them to outperform anything else, with OEM quality and a Tesla “Plus One” style people enjoy! If you’re ready to partner with us and serve the Tesla market with the best products, click the button below to apply for a dealer account!

    Pricing and Marketplace Philosophy

    We take pricing seriously so you can enjoy the benefits of selling and supporting a premium brand like T Sportline. Our MAP policy is monitored and enforced daily, so your hard work creating value doesn’t go down the drain from someone undercutting or competing on price. Further, we prohibit all dealers from selling on marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart and others – these channels are managed directly and exclusively by T Sportline.

    In order to protect the market value of our brands and preserve inventory investments made by dealers, T Sportline maintains a unilateral MAP Policy that applies to all propriety brands, including T Sportline, Project Charged, and 1EV.

    Link to Unilateral MAP Policy (PDF)

    Limited to Value Adding Partners

    T Sportline seeks only premium reseller partners who add value by reaching broad audiences, offer outstanding customer service and support, help promote the T Sportline brand goodwill and share similar business ethics with T Sportline.