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    Tesla Model Y Overland / Off-Road Wheel & Tire Package - Aspen Charged

    Overlanding the Tesla Model Y

    Proven Tesla fitments! No one knows Tesla wheel fitments better than T Sportline - we've been working exclusively on Teslas since 2013.  Our Model Y Overland Wheel and Tire packages bolt-on to ALL versions of Model Y, and no lift or modifications are needed. And yes, they clear Performance brakes! 

    Enjoy Your Model Y Overland Adventures!  The all wheel drive Model Y is the ultimate green SUV for overlanding. Now with proper wheels and tires, you'll be confident to venture off the roads safely, across the sandy beaches, or trek through the mountain snow.

    Preserve Your Range! T Sportline has tested range and confirmed our 18" Overland Wheel and Falken WildPeak tires have a range similar to the 21" factory Uberturbines. Additionally, the WildPeaks are as quiet as road tires!

    Improve the Ride!  Downsizing to 18" wheels is the most common way to improve your ride and maximize curb proection, thanks to the increased sidewall height.

    Optional "Lift Kit"  While all T Sportline Overland Wheel & Tire packages fit 'stock' suspensions, we also offer 'optional' lifts kits.  These bolt-on lift kits coupled with overland wheel & tires give the Tesla the boost it needs to navigate more confidently while overlanding or trekking over deep snow.  

    T Sportline's ASPEN CHARGED EDITION Model Y: For the ultimate in performance, T Sportline recommends adding our lift kit, skid plates, bull bar brush guard, and overlanding wheel and tire package to your Tesla Model Y.  The added ground clearance and proper tire specification will give extra confidence for more advanced overlanding.   Vehicle lifting is optional, not required. T Sportline overland wheel and tire kits will bolt on and fit a stock Telsa Model Y without any lift.