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    Tesla Model 3 / Y Essential Accessories Starter Bundle

    Select Screen Protector Finish
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      The Best Starter Package Available!

      Save a Whopping 25% On the Bundle!

      Welcome to Tesla ownership! For both new Tesla buyers and repeat Tesla buyers, T Sportline has crafted the ultimate 'top must-have' essential starter bundle to get you rolling in your new Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y!  
      Start the ownership of your new Tesla Model 3 / Y by getting properly equipped with the essentials! This essential starter bundle kit is complete with our top 3 recommended basics, including our Screen Protector kit, Rattle-Free Drink & Key Holder Insert, and a set of our Jack Pucks.   The Screen Protector kit includes everything you need to properly protector your center screen - cleaning wipes, dust wipes, and premium protection covers.  Our kit includes three complete screen cover sets, so you've got spares or a backup in case one gets damaged!  Next, we include our very popular Rattle-Free Drink and Key Card Holder.  This simple insert keeps drinks from rattling around and catches little spills and splashes.   It pops in and out and is top-shelf dishwasher safe, so you'll never have gross spills in the raw Tesla drink holder!  Our unit also features a no-slip holder for the Tesla key, which keeps the from sliding off the console and getting lost under the seat!   Finally, we include a set of Jack Pucks - these are a must, to keep you prepared for lifting your Tesla to change a flat tire or any sort of service when out of range from your Tesla Ranger!   
      Ready to stack on a few more upgrades and accessories?  Be sure to check all the 'Optional Add-on' Products we've curated for you here as well.  Simply click on those add-ons you would like to include with this purchase - save on shipping by ordering now!  
      What is Included in Our Essential Starter Bundle:

      T Sportline Screen Protector Specifications

      • Select either 'Glare-Free' Matte finish or 'Clear' Factory-matched finish
      • Package includes 3 complete sets!
      • Includes screen cleaner and lint-free wipes for perfect install
      • Fits factory 15 Inch Center Screen
      • 5 Layer Proprietary Design 
        • Protective clear coating (top layer)
        • Deep scratch protection layer (second layer)
        • Optical polyethylene terephthalate film (PET) (middle layer)
        • Adhesive silicon (lower layer)
        • OE screen liner (bottom layer)


      Cup Holder & Key Tray Specifications

      • Custom designed & precision injection molded specifically for Tesla Model 3 / Y
      • Injection molded silicone featuring surface texturing to hold drinks in place
      • Precision fit design fits the precise dimensions of the factory Tesla cup holder
      • Stabilizes beverage containers of different sizes to keep them in place
      • Unique perimeter lip design catches drink dribbles, condensation, straw drips 
      • Integrated key tray creates a no-slip spot to hold your Tesla key card in place


      Tesla Jack Pad Puck Specifications

      • Dimensions: 2.0" height, 3.0" Diameter Base
      • Molded Heavy Duty Composite Polymer with O-Ring 
      • Works on Tesla Model 3, Y, S, X
      • Includes:
        • 4 Tesla Jack Adapter Pad Pucks (Polymer)
        • 1 Zippered Pad Puck Storage Case