Speciale Sauce: Ferrari-Inspired Red Multi-Coat Model 3

    By Glenn Oyoung



    If I were to ask the average automotive enthusiast to imagine an “exotic sportscar” – at least seven out of ten would visualize a red Ferrari in their brain. The owner of this Red Multi-Coat Model 3 was no different. In keeping with thetifosi, the fans of Scuderia Ferrari, he challenged famed Tesla tuners T Sportline to take inspiration from the House of the Prancing Horse and imbue the car with the passion and performance that Ferrari is renowned for.

    I’m a total Ferrari lover, starting from the model I received of a 1957 335S Spider Scaglietti on my 15th birthday. It was that trademark Ferrarirossa corsa (literally, “racing red”) that arrests your attention and invites you to study every line and curve on the beautiful body. Even at 1:18 scale I could see details like the wire wheels and steering wheels so clearly as to envision myself racing around European circuits.


    Exterior: No Ordinary Model 3

    From 20 feet out, this Red Multi-Coat Model 3 has the same effect. The most telling sign that this is no ordinary Model 3 is the livery consisting of white and blue racing stripes, inspired by the limited-edition Ferrari 458 Speciale. It seems ludicrous to think the 458 needs a performance variant, yet that’s exactly what the Speciale is.

    The Red Model 3 has the goods to back up the stripes, including a full Carbon Fiber Sport Package consisting of front apron, side skirts, rear diffuser, and trunk wing. Notably, the owner wanted TSportline to emulate the 458 Speciale by painting the carbon fiber parts instead of leaving them exposed. It works and the Model 3 looks aggressive yet also subtle and upscale.

    Further enhancing the look are details including a satin black chrome delete, color matched painted door handles, a satin black Tesla emblem on the hood and an illuminated Tesla emblem on the trunk. T Sportline did a complete Xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film to protect against rock chips at speed, and tinted all the glass with 3M Crystalline tint (70% Winshield, 40% on all other Glass Panels).

    Wheels and Suspension: Track Shoes

    Lest you think this is just a looker, T Sportline added performance modifications to give the already nimble Model 3 more handling prowess. A set of staggered TSS 20” flow forged wheels (20 x 8.5” front, 20 x 10” rear) in matte black not only look great, but provide more contact patch by way of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires (235/35-20 front, 275/30-20 rear) which still make use of the factory TPMS and center caps.


    The ride height is dropped by about one inch thanks to T Sportline’s Performance lowering springs. The company is quite proud that ride comfort is not sacrificed in the name of performance, as they sought out a balance between daily driver usability and improved handling and roll-control.


    Interior: Bianco e Rosso

    Open the door to this Model 3 and you’re greeted with a super clean interior – does it get any cleaner than white?

    Against the bright backdrop are strategic splashes of this car’s sporting intent, in the form of red seat belts and my personal favorite — T Sportline’s White Wood Steering Wheel with a red racing stripe at the 12 o’clock position — sure proof that you better not mess with thispiloti.


    Conclusion: Photo Finish

    The Red Multi-Coat Model 3 was a unique project for T Sportline as it drew direct inspiration from another legendary car maker, Ferrari. While the 458 Speciale no doubt sharing stable space with this daily driver is the dream of every car lover young and old, one day in this Model 3 will turn you on to its immense appeal as an everyday racer that can get you through the canyons in time to make your Skype call. The bonus: all the gas savings can save up for future Tesla racecar models to inspire the next generation of car lovers.


    2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance in Red Multi-Coat


    Wheels & Suspension