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    Tesla Model 3 Window Tinting

    We offer two window tint packages. The best film in the industry is 3M Crystalline and we apply it on all glass surfaces including the windshield and roof panels.

    This film will help reduce the interior temperature by up to 15 degrees and provide you a 99% UV A and UV B rejection of rays.

    The film that we use on the windshield virtually has no tint color to it so you can clearly see out with no difficulty. You can choose from darker shades of tint for the sides and rear.

    We also offer Suntek Carbon Series film which is applied on the sides and rear glass areas only. This is an above average film but does not compare to Crystalline.


    All custom work is performed at our Van Nuys, CA. facility. 

    Please all us at 310-880-3256 with any further questions or to schedule an appointment.

    Starting from $800


    Tesla Model 3 with Satin Matte Black Wrap, Chrome Delete, 19 inch TST Turbine Wheels, and Custom Brake Caliper Color

    Tesla Model 3 with 19 inch TST Turbine Wheels, Window Tint, and Chrome Delete