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    Tesla Cybertruck DIY Color Change Vinyl Wrap & PPF Kits

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      The Tesla Cybertruck polarized the World with it's futuristic stainless steel body design.  The Cybertruck's sharp edged flat panel design is absolutely unmatched and instantly iconic.  And one more thing, it's perfect for do-it-yourself (DIY) vinyl wrap and paint protection film (PPF)!  Traditionally, stretching vinyl wrap or PPF over curved body panels is a challenging install, one that is often left to pros - we know, as we've been offering professional Tesla wrap services for over ten years now!  Cybertruck changes that challenge.  Do it yourselfers delight! The flat panel Cybertruck body design minimizes the vinyl installation difficulty tremendously as the need to carefully 'stretch' and 'shrink' the vinyl or ppf film from edge to edge and over curves without wrinkling is greatly reduced.   For those that prefer a professional vinyl wrap or ppf job, we are happy to offer that service at our Los Angeles or Atlanta facilities.  But for the DIY enthusiast, our new DIY vinyl wrap and ppf kits are offered.  

      DIY not for you?  Okay, for professional wrap installation at T Sportline - click HERE

      T Sportline was quick to respond when Cybertruck launched.  We had one of the first ten 'delivery event' trucks at our facility within a week of launch - and we immediately laser scanned the full truck creating a full scale exact digitization of the entire Cybertruck body.  Every stainless steel body panel was carefully laser scanned, digitized in CAD, and drafted into precision templates for creating our DIY vinyl wrap and PPF kits.  Panel by panel, our professional wrap team leveraged their ten years of experience to align on exactly how to design the wrap film template for each Cybertruck panel to ensure an DIY'ers the best package for successful installation. 

      Digitizing Tesla Cybertruck

      Our Tesla Cybertruck DIY Vinyl Wrap and PPF kits are complete with each CNC-precision cut film section for all stainless steel panels, necessary wrap / film installation tools, and pre-install 'practice' film sections for testing and learning on your end, before starting with the main kit.   

      We are here to help.  Contact our wrap technician for direct consultation.  Also, our step-by-step DIY installation videos will be posted for those who purchase a kit!

      Available Films, Wraps, PPF:

      We stock various popular vinyl wrap and PPF films and have immediate access to every available film through our vendor network - want something we don't have listed? No problem, select our custom film option and we'll get your desired film!  Supergloss, Gloss, Satin, Matte, Color Flip, Clear, Stealth, Metallic....we have all finishes! 

      Wrap Photo Gallery


      • Offered in popular film colors, Tesla wrap colors, and custom colors
      • Precision CNC cut vinyl / ppf panels designed from laser scan data
      • Improves resistance to 'finger prints', which stainless steel is really vulnerable to 
      • DIY friendly fit, no pro-level stretching and shrinking complexity 
      • Includes ample 'practice' panels to 'get a feel' before starting for real


      • Offered in practically any color and brand vinyl or color PPF
      • Provides protection to Cybertruck stainless steel surface 
      • Removable, non-permanent (Turn back in your lease, no problem)
      • Do-it-yourself / DIY Support - Check out our easy step-by-step, first-timer wrapping instructional videos. In the video, we walk you through the entire process of wrapping your first vehicle.  Still need more help? We offer customers direct contact with our professional wrapping team as needed
      • 100% Success Promise We are confident that any one of our customers is capable of wrapping a Cybertruck. So confident that we give a 100% Success Promise.  Follow our step-by-step install videos, and if your wrap still doesn't turn out looking great, reach out to our Wrap Support Team.  We'll find a way to make things right for you! Contact our Wrap Support Team HERE
      T Sportline Wrap Tool Kit

      What is included:

      • Complete set of Cybertruck specific CNC-Precision Cut Film Panels
        • Includes multiple 'practice pieces' to get familiar with install process
      • Installation Tool Kit Contents:
      • Squeegee Set (Includes either PPF (yellow silicone) or Wrap (black felt tip) type)
      • Prep Wash Solution & Microfiber Wash Mitt
      • Required Torx bits for removing Cybertruck trim and mirrors
      • 2x Edge Tucker Trim Guide (vinyl wrap only)
      • 2x Trim Razors 
      • 10x Microfiber Towels
      • 2x Final Prep Tack Rags (vinyl wrap only)
      • 1x Prep Clay Bar
      • 1x Adjustable Temperature Heat Gun (vinyl wrap only)
      • 1x Masking Tape (vinyl wrap kits only)
      • 2x Film magnets (vinyl wrap kits only)
      • Spray bottles (2x PPF kits only - Slip & Grip, 1x Wrap Kit - Alcohol Prep)
      • 2x Air Bubble Rescue Syringe ( included with PPF kits only)
      • Complete video instructional series, detailed step-by-step, panel-by-panel guide
      • Access to DIY Wrap & PPF Facebook Support Group
      • Direct line to 'DIY Wrap & PPF' technical support agent