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    Tesla Brake Fluid Pneumatic Air Powered One-Man DIY Vacuum Bleeder & Filling Tool Kit

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      T Sportline engineers recommend using a vacuum bleeding tool for properly filling and bleeding air from Tesla brake lines.   The T Sportline by Team 1EV kit includes a sell-filling bottle to keep the master cylinder full of fluid while bleeding the brake lines.  The T Sportline Vacuum Bleeder connects to the caliper bleeder screws and simply pulls fluid through the system, eliminating air and contaminates while filling the brake lines and calipers with new fluid.  The T Sportline Bleeding and Filling kit is a "one-man", no mess, no hassle tool kit, suitable for completing the fill and bleeding with just one person (no need for someone to fill, someone to pump brakes, and someone to open and close bleeders = 3 people).



      • Fluid Extractor Bottle: 2L
      • Fluid Fill Bottle: 1L
      • Pneumatic Operation (no 'hand pumping')
      • Variable Throttle (adjust the level of vacuum)
      • Integrated Silencer and Filter
      • Includes Silicone Hoses and Variety of Nipple Adapters
      • Works with All Tesla Models (and other modern vehicles)
      • Compatible with Factory Tesla Brake Fluid and T Sportline Brembo Brake Fluid
      • Made by Team 1EV for T Sportline