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    Stealth Black is the New Black: 2019 Tesla Model S Performance

    By Glenn Oyoung


    Matte. Satin. Stealth. Of the three descriptions I’ve always liked the latter, because if you’re describing a car — especially one as fast as the Tesla Model S Performance — why not associate with fighters, bombers, and spy planes? “Murdered out” is best saved for lifted trucks, not state-of-the-art semi-autonomous land-based cruise missiles.


    The heavy hitter who commissioned this Stealth S is no stranger to high-stakes competitions. In fitting secret-agent style, he chooses to remain anonymous but graciously allowed us to share the modifications that makes this a very special commission for T Sportline.


    Exterior: Secret Agent Man

    The factory black paint is transformed into stealth black using Xpel Stealth full-body paint protection film. The satin matte film actually highlights the curves around the Model S. Thanks to the durability of the Xpel material, the paint is protected from most daily assaults including rock-chips and carefree door-swingers.



    To further add to the aggressive look of the car, T Sportline removed any trace of bling with gusto. T Sportline’s Chrome Delete package utilizes 3M gloss black wrap on all the trim save for the chrome on the rear hatch which is painted black. With a properly understated canvas, T Sportline added a pop of color by painting the Tesla emblems red – a warning to wannabe drag-racers that the occupants are not to be disturbed.

    Chassis: New Shoes

    After dialing in the exterior, T Sportline turned its attention to the handling department. A staggered set of 21” TS115 forged wheels (9” up front and 9.5” in the rear) not only look killer in gloss black, but also provide a 27% reduction in unsprung weight compared to the factory wheels.

    You don’t become a titan of industry by making impractical choices, and the added benefit of any of T Sportline’s wheels is that they all can utilize the factory tires (in this case, Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 245/35-21 and 265/35-21), factory TPMS sensors, and factory lugs nuts and center caps.

    Finally, T Sportline installed an Air Suspension Lowering Hardware Kit to bring the stance down into sportscar airspace.



    Interior: Lover and a Fighter

    Often modified cars that are intended to go fast eschew creature comforts for the driver and his passengers. Not so with this Stealth S. The owner desired a car that would look tough, carve up mountain roads, and coddle its occupants.

    T Sportline transformed the interior of the Model S using five hides of Ferrari Black leather sourced from the same tannery that supplies the Prancing Horse and countless hours of skilled workmanship. Door inserts and seats were redone using T Sportline’s Signature Diamond Quilted pattern and matching black stitching.

    The steering wheel was also reupholstered with Ferrari Black leather with matching black stitching. The basic factory Tesla dashboard steps up the luxury ladder thanks to T Sportline’s two-tone Ferrari Black leather and Black Alcantera design. Even the floor has been upgraded with T Sportline’s custom 52 oz. ¾” pile (that’s Bentley plush people) floor mats.


    Tech: High-notes

    When T Sportline was commissioned to transform this Model S, the owner asked them to pull out all the stops.  Enter T Sportline’s powerful Custom Audio Upgrade package, which features aMosconi DSP 8TO12 Aerospace EQ Processor, Rockford Fosgate 8” mid bass woofers, and Focal K2 Power series mid-range and tweeters. An Alpine PDX-V9 amplifier and a Rockford Fosgate T400X4ad amplifier combine for over 1,300 watts of power. None of these impressive aural upgrades harm or draw power from the Tesla battery system or impact range.

    As a final touch, T Sportline discreetly installed an Escort radar detector and laser diffuser system in the Model S to ensure that Model S is as stealthy as it looks.


    Final Thoughts

    When matte finishes first arrived on the scene in the early 2000’s they were used to the point of becoming a bit gimmicky. Matte for the sake of matte, if you will. This work of art couldn’t be further from that. The thought and execution behind this build speak to the enduring appeal of the top-secret agents and their top-secret weapons of choice.


    Base Car

    • 2019 Tesla Model S Performance


    Wheels & Suspension


    • Bespoke interior - 5 hides of Ferrari Black leather. Contrast black stitching.
    • Reupholstered dashboard in Ferrari Black and Black Alcantara.
    • Signature Diamond Quilted door inserts and seats.
    • Reupholstered doors in Ferrari Black leather.
    • Reupholstered steering wheel with Ferrari Black leather sides and contrast black stitching.
    • Custom 52oz. 3/4" pile Floor Mats with 'T' logo.