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    Tesla Model S Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating

    Tesla Model 3 Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating

    Ceramic Pro is a clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating. When cured, Ceramic Pro chemically bonds to the surface of your Tesla to become a nanoglass, protecting the surface it is applied to indefinitely.

    The Ceramic Pro Effect

    • Self-Cleaning Effect
    • Permanent Protection
    • Extreme Gloss
    • UV Protection
    • Hardness Above 9H

    The nanoceramic glass coating forms a strong and durable shield that is resistant to solvents, acids, alkalis, UV rays, harsh weather, and corrosion.

    Ceramic Pro was designed as a protective coating for all surfaces. Ceramic Pro protects:

    • Tesla factory paint
    • Vinyl wrap
    • Paint protection film
    • Wheels
    • Brake Calipers
    • Tesla Accessories


    Exterior Package

    • Silver (1 Layer of 9H & 1 Layer of Light) - 5 Year Warranty
      PPF & Vinyl (1 Layer of PPF & Vinyl) on all PPF/Vinyl Surfaces

    Wheel Package

    • 1 coat of Wheel & Caliper on Rims and Calipers

    Window Package

    • 1 Coat of Glass on the windshield only

    Interior Package

    • 1 Coat of Leather, Textile and Plastic on all interior surfaces


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