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    Goldfinger: Tesla Model S Performance

    By Glenn Oyoung

    Go to any car show, and you'll find a host of tuner cars ranging from JDM to Exotics customized to perform and look like race cars. Think enormous wings, generous heapings of exposed carbon fiber, Alcantara with red contrast stitching. T Sportline's latest project sets the boy-racer look aside inspired by a mode of transportation multiples faster than an F1 racecar — the client's private jet.

    Codenamed Project Goldfinger, the commission started as stock Tesla Model S Performance in black. The client instructed T Sportline to spare no expense to bring his Model S to reach for the same level opulence as his jet.


    Exterior: Power Colors

    There are specific colors that just work together. Black and gold have been popular since the beginning of recorded history. Think Egyptian pharaohs, the New Orleans Saints, Smokey & the Bandit. All powerhouses.

    On the exterior, T Sportline cleaned up the Model S and transformed the car in keeping with the black and gold theme. Every trace of chrome was wrapped in 3M film — gloss black for the "v-line" on the grille, side mirrors, window trim, and door handles, and rounding it out the factory Tesla wing.

    Black Tesla Model S with Black and Gold Chrome Delete

    Luxury requires precious metals, and T Sportline infused enough gold to make you say "Au" (ß the symbol for gold). They wrapped the Tesla "T" and "Dual Motor" emblems, side trim, and rear hatch trim in 3M gold film.

    The gold treatment didn't stop there. TSportline's TS114 21-inch forged wheels "add lightness," as the old saying goes, and also an unmistakable air of luxury in Ghost Gold accented with Gloss Black. The calipers were custom painted in gold to tie in with the theme, a stylish touch. The wheels utilize the factory TPMS sensors and are shod in factory Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires (245/35-21 Front, 275/35-21 Rear.)

    T Sportline installed 3M Crystalline window tint on all glass surfaces. Interestingly, they did so in a clear tint (CR70) vs. the more common 70%/40% split. Rounding out the exterior work, T Sportline applied Ceramic Pro coating over the entire car to protect against scratches and fallout.

    Overall, the exterior design goal was to differentiate Project Goldfinger from your run-of-the-mill Model S but to keep things subtle, no easy task when you're adding gold around the car. TSportline struck the right balance here, and the result is simultaneously aggressive and luxurious.


    Interior: Sumptuous Squared

    T Sportline is famous for its upholstery design and quality, so they were up for the challenge of raising the bar of the Model S' interior to match their client's jet. T Sportline's client wanted to ensure that the interior of Project Goldfinger was just as pleasing to sit in as it was to view.

    Accordingly, the designers drew from a veritable Who's Who of luxury auto manufacturers for the interior leather surfaces. T Sportline imported Ferrari saddle and Bentley leather hides from the European factories that supply them. The contrasting colors and the use of both quilted and perforated patterns add to the sumptuous cabin.

    The dash, headliner, and doors were reupholstered in Ferrari and Bentley saddle leather as were the sides of the steering wheel. The entire floorboard was redone in a Mercedes chocolate brown color and matched with plush chocolate brown floor mats. Always aware of every detail, T Sportline replaced the stock seat belts with brown webbed ones and added Tesla "T" logos on the headrests with a tone-on-tone saddle embroidery.

     For the first time, T Sportline has incorporated burl wood into a build, which adds a great deal of richness and depth to the interior. This unique wood with its beautiful patterns is used on the center console and the upper and lower portions of the steering wheel. Not only does it evoke the client's jet, but it also elicits imagery of the old Grey Poupon aspirational ad campaign featuring British gentlemen and their Rolls-Royces.

    Despite its ability to coddle driver and occupants, this is still a Tesla Model S Performance — and it can still take off. T Sportline installed the state-of-the-art Escort MAX Ci 360 radar detector should its client decide to buzz the tower.



    Every T Sportline build is unique, and it is enthralling to see how they tailor their bespoke builds to each client's tastes and lifestyle. Project Goldfinger stands as one of the most exciting builds to come out of T Sportline's studio for its strong visual theme and the next-level luxury awaiting its owner on the inside.


    Base Car

    • Tesla Model S Performance in Black







    • Bespoke Reupholstered Ferrari Saddle Leather Interior
    • Bentley Saddle Leather Interior Accents on Outer Bolsters of Seats
    • Reupholstered Dash in Ferrari Saddle & Bentley Saddle
    • Reupholstered Headliner in Ferrari Saddle
    • Reupholstered Doors in Ferrari Saddle
    • Signature Diamond Quilt
    • Embroidered Tesla' T' on Headrests
    • Complete Dash Decor, Center Console and Steering Wheel in Gloss Claro Burl Wood
    • Steering Wheel Sides in Ferrari Saddle
    • Entire floorboard redone in Chocolate Brown
    • Chocolate Brown Floor Mats
    • Brown Seatbelts
    • Ticket Avoidance System