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    Checkmate: Deep Blue Metallic Model Y Performance

    By Glenn Oyoung


    In the late '90s, IBM sought to push the edge in its burgeoning artificial intelligence program by developing a chess-playing computer named Deep Blue. Deep Blue went on to defeat chess master Gary Kasparov in a chess game and later a chess match, making history. Tesla tuner T Sportline is no stranger to taking risks and making history either. The world's first Tesla tuner has a track record of being the first to get their hands on Tesla's vehicles and make them more aggressive and appealing to automotive enthusiasts.

    Last month, we covered T Sportline’s first Model Y build. We’re back again with another Deep Blue Metallic Model Y, this time a Performance variant. The owner of this vehicle commissioned T Sportline to go through the Model Y with a fine-tooth comb and bring to life a vision for a blue and satin black theme on both the exterior and interior.

    Deep Blue Metallic Tesla Model Y with 20 inch Falcon Flow Forged Aftermarket Wheels

    Exterior: Clean-up on Aisle Y

    I can’t help but think of the deservedly-maligned Pontiac Aztec when I see textured black plastic cladding. It's used on the Model X, ostensibly because somewhere at Art Center designers were taught that this material says "rugged!" The Model Y unfortunately, comes cursed with a minor case of Aztecitis as well.

    The folks at T Sportline removed the black plastic trim consisting of the front splitter, wheel arches, side rockers, and rear diffuser and expertly painted them to match the body color. This straightforward yet labor-intensive step elevates the look of the Model Y exponentially. It looks cleaner, sportier, and more upscale. T Sportline also painted brake calipers to match the body, adding a pop of blue in the wheel wells.

    Speaking of which, this Model Y features the first set of T Sportline’s Falcon Y limited edition flow-forged wheels. The 20x10” split-five spoke Falcon Ys look all business in Ecliptic Black. Look closely, and you can see stylized Ys in between the spokes, a nice touch. Like all other wheels from T Sportline, these wheels accommodate the stock TPMS sensors. Beefy 255/40-20 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires provide ample grip.

    Reports continue to come in from owners about paint issues on the Model Y, similar to other Tesla models. T Sportline installed Xpel paint protection film over the entire body of the car — mitigating potential damage from droppings, tree branches, and fallout. Not content to leave it at that, they then applied Ceramic Pro on every surface to keep things squeaky clean with a five-year warranty to boot.

    Deep Blue Metallic Tesla Model Y with 20 inch Falcon Flow Forged Aftermarket Wheels

    All remaining exterior trim pieces, including front and rear emblems and the Dual Motor performance badge, were painted satin black in keeping with the theme. The carbon fiber trunk spoiler was wrapped as well to match.


    Interior: A Dose of Cool

    The Model Y’s greenhouse is fantastic for visibility — but a recipe for perspiration in the summer. T Sportline used 3M Crystalline window tint (70% on the windshield, roof, and hatch; 40% on front doors) to cut UV rays by a whopping 99.9%. The added benefit, of course, is the Model Y looks even more aggressive from the outside.

    The matte black push extends from the exterior to the interior trim pieces. T Sportline painted its carbon fiber dash insert, customized the steering wheel to match and protected the center console in Xpel stealth film. My favorite touch: T Sportline reupholstered the headliner in a lush Alcantara and painted the plastic trim black to match. The result is an interior cabin that feels every bit as luxurious as a more expensive Model X or S.  The custom floor mats with blue Tesla logo infuse a pop of color on the interior and tie the interior with the overall theme.

    With all of these good looks at the owner’s disposal, it will no doubt be tempting to get on the proverbial gas. T Sportline installed the state-of-the-art Escort MAX Ci 360 radar detector to keep those insurance points at bay.



    While the Model Y is considered by some to be a weak link in Tesla’s portfolio from a design perspective, the team at T Sportline is no stranger to challenges. Each Model Y commission provides them an opportunity to put their stamp on the Model Y and bring out the full performance and styling potential of that platform for all of us to enjoy.


    2020 Deep Blue Metallic Tesla Model Y Performance Long Range Dual Motor




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