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    TMaxx Paint Protection Film (PPF) - Self Healing Ultimate Scratch Guard

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    • Description

      T Sportline is proud to offer the ultimate scratch guarding vehicle paint protection film (PPF) for protecting your Tesla paint.   After a almost two decades of experience applying vehicle paint protection and color wrap films to hundreds of Teslas, our team went factory direct to develop the ultimate paint protection film. 


      TMaxx Ultimate Scratch Guard Paint Pre Film has been co-developed directly with the the film manufacturing factory.  TMaxx is carefully manufactured to exacting specifications defined to produce the highest quality and most functional scratch protection possible in a vehicle paint protection film.  Things that matter most to us include film adhesion, self-healing properties, and sun damage resistance.  Frankly, we couldn't find a PPF that nailed each of these requirements properly, so we had to make our own.  You won't find a PPF that 'adheres' better than TMaxx, that means once installed, it stays installed.  How annoying is it when PPF peals up on corners or on curved surfaces?!  Our TMaxx PPF has industry leading adhesion properties.  Scratch protection is obviously important, so we needed film that would absorb and heal when brushed into, and TMaxx does just that!  We love sunlight, but wow does it ever damage paint and PPF!  TMaxx is manufactured using a proper sun damage resistant film, ensuring longevity beyond the rest!  


      • Professionally installed at T Sportline (Van Nuys, CA or Atlanta, GA)
      • Offered in DIY Kits for Cybertruck - view kits HERE
      • Offered in Complete Rolls (For your local professional wrap installer)
        • Note: Rolls Require Professional Installation (Not DIY)


      Paint Protection Film (PPF) Material Specifications:

      • Roll Size: Standard 60 inch x 50 feet 
        • TPU PPF 7.7mil
        • Gloss >94, or Satin
        • 4 layer (Clearcoat / Polyurethane / Acrylic Adhesive / Polyester Release Liner
        • Manufacturer Defect Warranty 10 years 
        • Origin = Japan Matai Base Film with Carshew Coating
        • Peal force = 1400gf/inch
        • Anti-Yellowing = ΔE< 4
        • Tensile Strength = 50.8Mpa
      • Material: Automotive Grade Polyurethane 'Japan Matai' Film
      • Wrap Color: Clear or Black
      • Surface Finish: Super Glossy or Matte 
      • Compatible Protection: Ceramic Treatment, Polish, Wax, Quick Detailer
      • Film Thickness: 7.7mil (7.7 thousands of an inch)
      • Adhesive: Acrylic
      • Adhesive Color: Transparent
      • Removability: Long Term Low Tack Removable Adhesive, Removable with Heat
      • Post-Heat Temperature:  175 F - 185 F (79.5 C - 85 C)
      • Recommended Installation Area Temperature:  70 F - 80 F (24 C - 26.5 C)
      • Shelf Life: 2 Years Recommended
      • Chemical Resistance: Resists Most Mild Acids, Mild  Alkalis and Salt
      • Stain Resistance: Water & Soap Spotting, Acid Spotting, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Motor Oil, Lacquer Thinner, Enamel Reducer, Acetone 
      • Application Method: Wet Recommended
      • Acceptable Application Surface: All Painted Surfaces, Compound Curves, Concave Surfaces, Corrugation, Flat Areas, Simple Curves (Do Not Apply to Textured Plastics)