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    Tesla Winter Tire Super Textile Snow Chains / Socks For Tesla Wheels

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      If you live in a winter climate that gets a lot of snow, you know how important it is to have proper traction when driving your Tesla. Old-fashioned metal snow chains are not ideal, as they can be challenging to install and severely damage wheels and tires. T Sportline's new ISSE Super Textile Snow Chains are the modern alternative to metal snow chains for Teslas.  The ISSE Snow Chains are a textile-based tire sock designed to give you extra grip and safety when driving on snow or ice covered roads.  T Sportline’s Snow Chain alternative Snow ‘Socks’ are made from a specially designed braided fabric weave which has been tailored specifically to properly fit the Tesla tire.  The Snow Sock easily and securely installs over the tire tread and creates increased traction on snow covered roads.   No tools or jacks or lifting is required to install.  This is a DIY install.  ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' are easy to install.  The inner diameter of the snow sock is elasticized so you simply slip the sock over your tire, then drive forward a couple feet, so you can pull the sock over the opposite side of the tire. 


      T Sportline’s ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' come as a set of two (only 1 set is needed per car; apply socks to drive tires (front tires on all-wheel drive cars, rear tires on rear-wheel drive cars) - it is not recommended to use socks on all 4 wheels) and are designed for frequent or intensive use on ice and snow surfaces. They are designed to accommodate asphalt surfaces as well.  Because they are manufactured using a special braided fabric, ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' are quick and easy to install, provide a smoother ride than metal chains, and are lighter and less bulky than conventional chains.  Like all snow chains, ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' should only be used for slow speed driving. The maximum recommended driving speed for ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' is 25 mph (40km/h).



      • Sold in sets of two 'socks' (Recommended only two socks per vehicle)
      • Easy and quick installation
      • Includes gloves and storage bag to easily store in your trunk
      • 100% highly strength polyfin material
      • Snow Socks meet TUVA standards, Europe's highest standards
      • DOT compliant
      • Washable and Reusable
      • For use on Tesla Model 3, Y, S, X, Cybertruck
      • Performs as good as traditional tire chains with no risk of wheel damage or vibrations


      Tire Fitment:

      We will provide the proper size Snow Sock for your Tesla Model wheel and tire size, simple confirm your model when ordering and we'll get it right for you!