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    Tesla Model Y 5 Seat Interior Upgrade Kit - Factory Design

    Stitching Color
    Match to Base Seat Material

    Match to Base Seat Material

    White Stitching

    White Stitching

    Door Inserts
    • Description

      This only fits the Tesla Model Y with the 5-Seat Interior Configuration.

      Tesla Model Y Custom Design Upholstery Interior Seat Upgrade Kit

      Give your Tesla Model Y seats an instant upholstery upgrade with our exclusive interior seat kit. Treat yourself to extra comfort, appealing finishes and an instant color change with our exciting textile offerings.

      We offer genuine leather or vegan leather (synthetic) options, with a variety of pattern and color options. Mix and match to create your personalized look.

      Factory Design maintains the original Model Y seat design.

      *This interior kit must be installed by one of our T Sportline Approved Authorized Installers. Call us prior to purchase. 

      Allow 3-5 days for manufacturing and processing time.

      Don't see a color you like? Contact us for other color options!

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    • FAQ

      Is the Seat Upgrade Interior Kit returnable? 
      No, each Seat Upgrade Kit is custom made to order and therefore non-refundable.

      Does Your White Leather Interior match Tesla's Factory White Interior? 
      No, our white leather is not a match to the Tesla factory Premium White or Ultra White interior color.

      Can I install the Seat Upgrade Interior Kit myself? 
      No, our Seat Upgrade Kit requires professional installation. We will refer you to an authorized installer.

      How much will this cost to install?
      Installation cost varies by location and installer. We estimate the cost of installation to range from $500 to $850. 

      Does the Seat Upgrade Interior Kit fit over my existing seats (is this a seat cover)?
      No, the Seat Upgrade Interior Kit replaces the original Model Y vegan interior.

      Can the original Tesla material on my seats be reused?
      No, the original material cannot be reused and gets discarded in the stripping process.

      What is included in my Seat Upgrade Interior Kit? 
      The Seat Upgrade Interior Kit includes two front seats and a rear seat (second row).

      Will this affect my heated seats?
      The Seat Upgrade Interior Kit does not affect the factory heated seats.