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    Tesla Model S / X Plaid & Long Range Yoke - Factory Stock NEW part - Latest Design

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      Original factory Tesla yokes can be prone to wear damage on the side grips.  Tesla upgrade the material on yokes as found on new production vehicles.   T Sportline has a limited stock of brand new, never used, latest design and material factory Tesla yokes.  Replace your worn factory yoke with a brand new unit!

      For November 2023 and newer vehicles, we offer the Yoke with controls and airbag all in one assembly. Airbag is specific to the new Yoke with mechanical horn.


      • Brand new, OEM factory Tesla Yoke (Model S / X)
      • Sold outright, no cores required
      • 2021-October 2023 does not include airbag (re-use your yoke airbag. vehicles with that did not come equipped with a mechanical horn).
      • November 2023-present (vehicles that came equipped with mechanical horn)


      • Yoke only(without Control Panel) - Perfect to replace your damaged yoke with this new factory authentic Tesla yoke.  Requires reusing your existing yoke control panel.  Note, Tesla "Round Steering Wheel" control panels do not fit the Yoke (if replacing your factory Tesla round steering wheel, select the option below which includes a new control panel) 
      • Yoke with Control Panel - Perfect for replacing a factory Tesla round steering wheel.  Or, if you prefer the easiest install option, get this one - no need to swap control panels....just plug-and-play this one!
      • Yoke with Control Panel & Airbag (Nov 2023 & newer Tesla Model S/X only) - Perfect for replacing a factory Tesla round steering wheel with mechanical horn. No need to swap control panels. Yoke specific Airbag included .

      Install note: The yoke only options requires you pulling the OEM control panel from your yoke.  The yoke control panel is difficult to pry from the yoke.  The process requires very careful effort and missteps or improper process can damage the control panel and yoke.   This requires non-marring, high strength pry tools.  Please watch our instructional video carefully before selecting this option.