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    Tesla Model 3 & Y MSX Driver View Dash & LCD Display (Smart Instrument Cluster)

    Select Media Control Unit (MCU) Chip Spec (description below for how to confirm)
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    Carbon Pattern

    • Description


      The T Sportline Tesla Model 3 & Y MSX Driver View Dash & LCD Display brings essential vehicle information right in front of you.   The MSX dash design was inspired by the refreshed Model S / X driver instrument panel, thus the name M-S-X.   Unlike other odd looking aftermarket displays, the T Sportline MSX dash blends seamlessly with the Model 3 and Y with the same look, shape, and position proven on the Model S and X.   The fit and finish is high quality, matching the OEM design elements and utilizing the factory Tesla dash mounting features.   


      Tired of looking to the right to the essentials like speed, range, trip mileage, temperature, tire pressure or time? Get all this info right in front of you in an factory looking dash with integrated LCD display for your Tesla Model Y or Model 3. Our MSX Dash & LCD Display comes in 3 dash colors: Black, White, or simulated Carbon Fiber.


      Plug-and-Play installation.  Fits all factory dash mounting points. No drilling, cutting or special wiring necessary.   No permanent modifications needed, can easily be removed and returned to stock when turning in a leased vehicle.   Step-by-step instructions included with purchase.   Installation requires a small (#1) Philips screwdriver (not included).


      Unique and Exclusive T Sportline MSX Display Features

      • Speed (in MPH)
      • Current speed limit 
      • Range (in % and miles)
      • Odometer (miles)
      • Trip Mileage (miles)
      • Park, Neutral, Reverse, Drive indicator
      • Hold indicator 
      • Parking Distance indicator
      • Headlight / fog light indicator
      • Turn Signal indicator
      • Time (12hr or 24hr)
      • Ambient Outdoor Temperature (C or F)
      • Tire Pressure Sensor reading (PSI or BAR)
      • Proper USA Spec for USA Model 3 and Y, Exclusive to T Sportline


      Tech Specs

      • Display: 9.7 in LCD
      • LCD brightness - Day (white backing) / Night (black backing) 


      How to confirm your Media Control Unit (MCU) Chip Spec

      1. Tap car icon on bottom left of center screen 
      2. Click on 'Software'
      3. Click on 'Additional Vehicle Information' (blue highlight text)
      4. Look for infotainment processor, will be AMD Ryzen or Intel Atom
      5. Select the matching processor above when ordering
    • Shipping
      Shipping Cost in USD Per Item
      USA 30
      Canada 100
      Puerto Rico 100
      Netherlands 100
      Europe 100
      Australia 100
      New Zealand 100
      Asia 100


      Shipping & Handling charges subject to change without prior notification. If your country is not listed, please contact us for a shipping quote. PLEASE NOTE THAT INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS ARE SUBJECT TO CUSTOMS TAXES/DUTIES, AS CHARGED BY YOUR COUNTRY (THERE ARE NO U.S. CUSTOMS FEES). INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT OF THESE FEES. Due to service availability, some international orders may need to be sent to the nearest international airport.