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    Tesla Cybertruck Wide Stance Black Anodized Billet Aluminum Spacer Set (Set of 2)

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    • Description

      Muscle out the stance of your Tesla Cybertruck with our Wide Stance Bolt-on Billet Spacers. The factory wheel fitment on Tesla Cybertruck wheels is conservatively flush.  Our Wide Stance Billet Spacers will give your Tesla Cybertruck a more sporty stance and an aggressive look, resulting in a slight tire poke just beyond the edge of the factory wheel arch cladding.  These spacers are designed specifically for Tesla Cybertruck fitment, ensuring proper bolt-on fitment from a Cybertruck-matching bolt pattern through Cybertruck-matching center hub specification.  Installing these spacers will offset the wheels outward bringing the wheel and tire to a poke past the wheel arch cladding.  The spacers are are engineered specifically for Cybertruck use.  We recommend installing spacers in both the front and rear wheel positions (4 total spacers per vehicle).  Cybertruck spacers can be the same width in all four wheel positions or staggered wider in the rear / less wide in the front.   


      T Sportline spacers are machined out of 6061-T6 billet aluminum and use grade 10.9 metric studs meet ASTM A324 grade BD and SAE J429, grade 8 standards. The DIY-friendly spacers simply bolt-on to your Tesla Cybertruck and are compatible with all Cybertruck variations including the Cyber Beast.    All T Sportline spacers are engineered specifically for Tesla fitment.  These are not 'generic fitment' spacers made to fit various vehicles.  Notice the attention to detail on the backside of T Sportline spacers - designed specifically to match Tesla wheels and retain the proper water escape channeling exactly matching OEM factory hub design.  Inferior spacers have flat designs which prevent water from escaping and leads to corrosion and potential hub failure.  


      T Sportline spacers are compatible with:

      • Tesla Cybertruck and Cyber Beast
        • Tesla Factory Lug Nuts
        • Tesla Factory Wheels
      • T Sportline Cybertruck Wheels 
        • T Sportline Lock Nuts
        • T Sportline Titanium Lug Nuts 


      Spacer Kit Includes

      • 2x Billet Aluminum Tesla-Spec Spacers
      • Necessary hardware for bolting spacers to hubs


      Available Spacer Widths / Poke

      The 'poke' is how far the tire outermost sidewall surface extends outward as measured from the edge of the factory wheel arch cladding.  Note, the camber of the wheel and thereby poke will change slightly depending on ride height, tire pressure, and tire brand.  Our measurements were taken at medium right height with stock Goodyear tires at the standard air pressure. Stock poke = 0.86 inch / 21.75 mm

      • 1.5 inch / 38.10 mm Spacer = Poke: 2.36 inch / 59.85 mm
      • 2.0 inch / 50.80 mm Spacer = Poke: 2.86 inch / 72.55 mm
      Tesla Cybertruck Tire Poke



      • PCD: 6 on 5.5 (Tesla Cybertruck Only)
      • Engineered with proper factory Tesla-spec hub and lug fitment
      • Approved Fitment Applications
        • Front or Rear Wheels
          • Tesla Cybertruck 20" x 9" OEM Factory wheels
          • T Sportline Cybertruck 20" wheels
          • T Sportline Cybertruck 22" wheels
      • Offsets
        • 1.5 inch / 38.10 mm
        • 2.0 inch / 50.80 mm
      • Works with factory Tesla lug nuts
      • Finished in hard anodized black finish 
      • Includes all required hardware
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