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    Tesla Cybertruck Finger Print Mark & Stain Guard Protection PPF Kit for Doors

    Select Film (Gloss or Satin)
    • Description

      Stainless steel Cybertruck body panels are innovative but the stainless shows finger print stains and marks very commonly, just like your stainless refrigerator would!  It becomes very impractical to try and maintain a 'fingerprint-less' look on the doors especially, since every time you grab the door to close it the marks will appear.   While it is very popular to wrap or ppf the full truck, some prefer to keep the raw stainless.  For those that need a simple and cost effective solution for eliminating finger prints, our new Cybertruck Finger Print Mark & Stain Guard Protection PPF kits are the solution.  


      This kit includes a small CNC-cut section of PPF which installs on the top corner of each door.  The PPF patch will not stain with fingerprints.  Simply limit the door 'touching' to this PPF patch while opening and closing the door and say goodbye to finger print stains and marks on the stainless steel!  


      Our Finger Print PPF Guard kit is an easy DIY install and includes the spray bottle and squeegees for installation.   This is a very easy install, no experience or PPF skill required!  


      The film is gloss PPF, so it will shine a little different than raw stainless steel, as shown in the photos.  While you can see the PPF, it sure looks a lot better than random finger print stains and marks!  The film has been designed to fit on the top edge of the door as shown, to minimize visual impact.   We do offer a satin PPF version, but this is only recommended for use over satin wrap films - the satin PPF over raw stainless will be highly visible.   



      • CNC cut film, specifically designed for Cybertruck doors
      • TMaxx Gloss PPF (or Satin PPF)
      • Safe to apply directly to stainless steel or over wraps 
      • Removable (non permanent; turn your lease in - you can peal these off)