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    Tesla Cybertruck Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating

    • Description


      Ceramic Pro is a clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating. When cured, Ceramic Pro chemically bonds to the surface of your Tesla Cybertruck stainless steel body surface PPF or vinyl wrap.

      The Ceramic Pro Positive Benefits

      • Self-Cleaning Effect
      • Protects stainless steel exterior panels
      • Helps prevent PPF & wrap degradation
      • UV Protection
      • Hardness Above 9H
      • Helps prevent fading & staining of your bumpers, rocker panels, wheel arches & tonneau cover
      • The nano ceramic glass coating repels water on your exterior glass panels & helps prevent water marks & stains
      • Tesla Cybertruck Stainless Steel Body


      Ceramic Pro was designed as a protective coating for all surfaces. Ceramic Pro protects:

      • Tesla Cybertruck Stainless Steel Body
      • Vinyl wrap
      • Paint protection film
      • Wheels
      • Brake Calipers
      • Tesla Accessories


      Ceramic Pro 5-Year for PPF & Vinyl

      • Silver (1 Layer of 9H & 1 Layer of Light) - 5 Year Warranty OR PPF & Vinyl (1 Layer of PPF & Vinyl) on all PPF/Vinyl Surfaces


      Ceramic Pro Silver 5-Year

      • Ceramic Pro applied to complete interior upholstery areas to help staining and provide for an easier clean up and low maintenance. 

      All custom work is performed at our Van Nuys, CA and Atlanta, GA facility.

      Call us at 310-880-3256 or email us at info@tsportline.comfor more information!