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    T Sportline Wheel Touch Up Paint - Match to T Sportline Wheel Order

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    • Description

      Order Tesla Factory Wheel Touch Up Paint here or email a photo of your wheel after you order!

      Excludes Limited Edition Wheels and Forged Wheels.

      Please shake the bottle vigorously before use. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

      Our T Sportline Wheel Touch Up paint is for touching up minor curbrash on T Sportline Tesla Wheels: Metallic Gray, Space Gray, Brilliant Silver, Gunpowder Gray, Gloss Black & Matte Black.

      Disclaimer: Touch up paint is not a perfect match. If you are looking for a perfect match to your curb rashed wheel, we recommend a professional wheel repair specialist.


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      Shipping & Handling charges subject to change without prior notification. PLEASE NOTE THAT INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS ARE SUBJECT TO CUSTOMS TAXES/DUTIES, AS CHARGED BY YOUR COUNTRY (THERE ARE NO U.S. CUSTOMS FEES). INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT OF THESE FEES. Due to service availability, some international orders may need to be sent to the nearest international airport.

    • FAQ

      Will your Metallic Grey Touch Up Paint match a factory grey Tesla 21" Turbine wheel? Our Metallic Grey is not an exact match. Our Metallic Grey is about 1 shade lighter.

      Will your Brilliant Silver Touch Up Paint match a silver Tesla factory wheel?

      Will your Matte Black Touch Up Paint match a Black Onyx Tesla 22" turbine factory wheel?

      Will this Touch Up Paint make my wheel look brand new?
      No. Not even professional wheel repair can make a wheel look perfectly brand new. Touch Up Paint is simply a band aid to make the wheel look not curbed from a distance.

      HOW TO USE

      How to repair your T Sportline Tesla Wheel with our Touch up Paint

      By following these steps, you can get your T Sportline wheel looking proper from a distance without the costs of a full wheel repair.

      1. Identify curbrashed or damaged area.

      T Sportline Tesla Touch Up Paint


      2. Clean the surrounding area from any dirt or dust.

      T Sportline Tesla Touch Up Paint


      3. Apply Touch Up Paint

      T Sportline Tesla Touch Up Paint


      4. Allow Touch Up Paint to dry.

      T Sportline Tesla Touch Up Paint


      5. Repeat Step 3 and 4 until desired look is achieved.