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    T Sportline BLE Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor (TPMS) for Tesla

    • Description

      T Sportline is product to announce the first and only aftermarket TPMS sensor made specifically for BLE Bluetooth Tesla applications. The T Sportline TPMS is engineered to exacting specifications for plug-and-play usage with Tesla vehicles originally equipped with BLE Bluetooth TPMS sensors. No programming or calibration is required, simply install the T Sportline BLE Bluetooth TPMS sensors in your wheels and they will automatically connect with your Tesla. T Sportline BLE Bluetooth Tesla-Spec TPMS sensors are made to proprietary OEM-grade quality specifications.



      T Sportline BLE Bluetooth TPMS are compatible everywhere Tesla used Bluetooth LE TPMS sensors, including:

      • Tesla Model 3 (Built Oct 2020-Present)
      • Tesla Model Y (All Model Y, since introduction in Oct 2020-Present)
      • Tesla Model X / X Plaid (Refreshed Model, Oct 2021-Present)
      • Tesla Model S / S Plaid (Refreshed Model, Jun 2021-Present)



      • Gloss black anodized aluminum valve stem and retaining nut
      • Radio: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 2.4 GHz
      • Pressure Range: Up to 135psi
      • Sold as a set of 4 sensors
      • Plug-and-play, automatically sync, no programming needed


      What is BLE and LE?  BLE stands for Bluetooth low energy and is used interchangeably with Bluetooth LE.  These are the same.  Often, Tesla Bluetooth TPMS are referred to as Bluetooth TPMS, Bluetooth LE TPMS, or BLE TPMS...all of which are the same.  T Sportline BLE Bluetooth sensors work in all these scenarios.  


      Note: Not compatible with older model Teslas equipped with RF 433MHz TPMS

    • Shipping
      Shipping Cost in USD Per Set
      USA 15
      Canada 30
      Netherlands 50
      Europe 50
      Australia 50
      New Zealand 50
      Asia 50


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