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    Rechargeable Power Bank for Tesla Powered Refrigerator / Freezer Cooler

    • Description

      The Rechargeable Power Bank is designed specifically to power T Sportline's Portable Powered Refrigerator / Freezer Cooler whenever access to plug-in power is not available.  Take the Cooler to the beach, a picnic, a campsite, a concert, a sporting event - or whatever - and this power bank will keep the Refrigerator / Freezer Cooler powered up for approximately 10hrs or more!  The rechargeable power bank is a long-lasting 193 Wh 52000mA lithium ion pack.  The power bank also features USB outputs and can be charged independent of the cooler using the included charging cord.   For night use, the Power Bank also features an integrated LED light which can be turned on and off, or set in emergency flashing mode.  


      • Power Bank will power Portable Refrigerator / Freezer Cooler
      • Power Bank USB / USB-C output can power laptop, phone, devices, etc
      • Power Bank can be charged by 110V AC power supply (included), USB-C power (ie your laptop charger), or Solar Panel (Optional)


      • Portable Power Station
      • 52000 mAh / 193 Wh
      • Charge Power: DC 11-30v 5A max
      • Charge via included 110V AC power supply cord or USB-C port 
      • USB Output: QC3.0 18w max
      • LED Light: Solid Flood Beam / Emergency Flashing