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    Pro Eagle Big Wheel Off Road Jack for Cybertruck

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    • Description

      The ultimate vehicle jack for Tesla Cybertruck has launched!  No longer will you need to worry about dragging your jack through the sand or mud or not being able to pull it over a zip tie or pebble on the floor!  This "Big Wheel" jack solves those pains.  Our friends at Pro Eagle worked hard to create the ultimate off road jack that would hold up to the toughest off road conditions, while remaining perfectly competent in a garage environment.  This is not a modified garage jack, this unit has 10 years of research and development on how to make it withstand off road abuse like being covered in dirt / sand, high vibration and heat, and still perform properly.  All jacks include an extension lift bracket and built in skid plate.  



      • Compatible with Tesla Cybertruck
      • Features high capacity, non-pneumatic, composite big wheels 
      • Features stainless steel bolts
      • Sealed ball bearings for smooth rolling and durability 
      • Ergonomic carrying handle
      • Full length skid plate 
      • Complies with ASME-PASE standards
      • 2 year warranty 


      2 Ton "The Beast"

      • 8"-15" adjustable extension to lift high clearance off road vehicles
      • 2' 2" extended height
      • 55lbs
      • 29" x 13" x 6"

      3 Ton "Kratos"

      • 8"-15" adjustable extension to lift high clearance off road vehicles
      • 2' 4" extended height
      • 68lbs
      • 31" x 13" x 6"