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    Model S / X Plaid & Long Range Performance Grip Round Steering Wheel Yoke Replacement 2021-Present

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      This product only fits 2021 - 2023 Tesla Model S / X without a center horn.



      T Sportline was the first to create a properly engineered full 360 yoke replacement steering wheel for the refresh Model S back in 2021.   Building on our early trendsetting success with the 360 Yoke, which retains distinct Tesla Yoke design language, we set out to design a new stock replacement full round steering wheel for Tesla Model S / X refresh - one that looks right at home in the Tesla, yet looks and functions like a more traditional full round steering wheel.

      The T Sportline Performance Grip Steering Wheel is carefully designed with attention to all details which matter to the driving enthusiast.   The shape was iterated over time and testing, to dial in the most ideal contours, grip thickness, and dynamic steering function while racing the Tesla Model S / X Plaid to its fullest track performance limits.   


      The Performance Grip Steering Wheel is manufactured to proper OEM Tesla standards, with a full circumference, exacting dimensions, die-cast aluminum core, and heating element.   No other wheel in the aftermarket has been designed and manufactured to OEM standards with plug-and-play OEM heating.   Don't be fooled by imposters, others will claim they offer a version of the T Sportline Performance Grip Steering Wheel, but rest assured they are selling fake and inferior copies.  The Performance Grip wheel is entirely designed and owned by T Sportline and exclusively available only directly from T Sportline.   Shown photos are ACTUAL T Sportline Performance Grip Steering Wheel.

      T Sportline Performance Grip Steering Wheel Specifications 

      • Premium grade genuine leather wrapped, with 3x diamond hex stitching 
        • Color: Tesla Black 
      • Contour grips, 3-points
        • Cross-section (1.65" depth / 1.28" height)
        • Cross-section 1.3" width at thumbs 
        • Cross-section 1.65" depth / 1.28" height)
        • Top half, touring
        • Left and Right Race grips (3 and 9 clocking)
        • Left and Right Turning, bottom corners (5 and 7 clocking)
      • Improved ingress / egress due to lower corner tuck-in
      • Full circumference coverage leather wrap
      • Full visibility of center dash (4.12" gap to top section from center section top)
      • Die-cast aluminum frame, same material spec as OEM Tesla 
      • Allow steel spline insert, same spec as OEM Tesla
      • Reinforced polyolefins molded body contour overlay encased die-cast frame
      • Retails all factory Tesla yoke functions and controls and heat
      • Does not use any inferior clay or polyurethane 

      The Performance Grip wheel is available for purchase outright, no yoke core is needed or required.  We offer the wheel in two configurations:

      Option 1 - Complete Performance Grip wheel with OEM Tesla controls installed

      • Easiest installation, DIY friendly
      • Includes new factory Tesla control panel, installed
      • Plug-and-play
      • Sold outright, no cores required
      • Does not include airbag (re-use your yoke airbag)

      Option 2 - Performance Grip wheel only (requires swapping your OEM Tesla yoke control panel)

      • Difficult install, experts only (pulling the OEM yoke control panel is not easy)
      • Value price
      • Sold outright, no cores required
      • Does not include airbag (re-use your yoke airbag)
      • Does not include required control panel (re-use your yoke control panel)

      This option requires you pulling the OEM yoke control panel from your yoke.  The yoke control panel is difficult to pry from the yoke.  The process requires very careful effort and missteps or improper process can damage the control panel and oem yoke.   This requires non-marring, high strength pry tools (plastic won't work).  Please watch our instructional video carefully before selecting this option.