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    CT7 20" Tesla Cybertruck Fully Forged Lightweight Tesla Replacement Wheel

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    • Description



      T Sportline's new CT7 (Tesla Cybertruck) fully forged wheel lineup has been engineered specifically to exacting dimensions to create the lightest weight while still retaining proper structural integrity for spirited Tesla Cybertruck driving.   This Cybertruck wheel is a  forged monoblock wheel built for lasting endurance in all driving environments with the full strength confidence needed to survive the worst of road conditions.  Each CT7 features dual knurled bead surfaces to help prevent tire slippage, a benefit that comes standard on all CT7 wheels at no added cost.   With an 845hp Cyberbeast launching, you're tires will thank us for the dual knurled bead!


      Knurled Bead
      Tesla Cybertruck shatters all automotive design standards with a 'stand by itself' edgy design.  Our team set out to create a Cybertruck wheel which would accentuate the truck design language.  Our unique 7-window elongated honeycomb concept strikes a perfect balance of strength and style while meshing the symmetry of 6 lugs, and exposing a tasteful view of the obscured brake calipers.  T Sportline designs truly nailed success with CT7!

      The 7 window spoke design from T Sportline was thoughtfully designed to match the sidewall design symmetry on the factory Goodyear tire.  Our CT7 wheel spokes line-up exactly with the 7 tire sidewall hex features as shown, ensuring the OEM plus look you've come to expect exclusively from T Sportline

       CT7 seven spokes aligned with Goodyear tires


      Our standard color offerings is the electrostatic Satin Black powder coat, which is sure to look great with all Tesla Cybertruck colors.  For those that want to personalize the color and finish, we've created a wide range of custom options.   Want a true one-off custom, our bespoke custom team can get it done - have your 'spec' as you wish! 



      • Size:20" Front & Rear
      • Colors: Satin Black or Custom Color / Finish
      • Weight: 31.8 lbs
      • Wheel Construction: Fully Forged Monoblock 6061 T6 Aluminum
      • Compatible: Cybertruck RWD, Cybertruck AWD, Cyberbeast AWD
      • Tire Size: 285/65-20

      Color Options

      • Satin (Matte) Black 
      • Custom Colors (Powdercoat)
      • Custom Plus Colors (2-Step Color and Clear Coat)


      • 20 inch CT7 fully forged wheel is engineered exclusively for the Tesla Cybertruck
      • Fits all Tesla Cybertruck
      • Forged from 10,000 Ton 6061-T6 Aluminum
      • Designed using strict OEM-grade FEA structural standards 
      • Dual knurled wheel bead surface to prevent tire slippage (inner and outer bead)
      • Accepts factory Tesla center cap, factory Tesla lug nut, factory Tesla Cybertruck TPMS sensor and factory 20" tire
      • Color matched T Sportline center cap included, but you can use a factory Tesla center cap
      • Manufactured exclusively for T Sportline in TÜV certified facility overseas


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    • FAQ

      Do your CT Series Forged Wheels fit my factory center caps?
      Yes, CT Series Forged Wheels fit your factory Tesla center caps. They also fit your factory TPMS and your factory lug nuts. In other words, there is no need to use any aftermarket hardware.

      Do I need to change the color of my existing lug nuts and center caps to match to my new CT Series Forged Wheels?
      That's an aesthetic decision only you can make. All CT Series Forged Wheels come with T Sportline color matched center caps. For those who purchase Anthracite Gray, Matte Black or Gloss Black finish, we recommend purchasing our Lug Nut Cap Covers for a stealth appearance.

      What is the warranty on CT Series Forged Wheels?
      Click here for T Sportline Limited Warranty

      Do you ship internationally?
      Yes! We ship worldwide and offer flat rate Fedex/DHL shipping to select countries (view shipping tab). If your country is not listed, please email us atinfo@tsportline.com for a shipping quote.

      Will installing your wheels void my warranty?

      Changing wheels won't void your Tesla warranty unless Tesla can prove that our wheels caused the need for repairs. In other words, your warranty will still be valid when your rear window cracks, even if you've upgraded to our wheels.