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    Brembo Gran Turismo Tesla Model 3 Big Brake Kits

    Select Brake Kit Option:
    Select Rotor Type:
    Select Caliper Color Option:
    Red - painted Brembo logo

    Red - painted Brembo logo

    Black - painted Brembo logo

    Black - painted Brembo logo

    Silver - painted Brembo logo

    Silver - painted Brembo logo

    Yellow - painted Brembo logo

    Yellow - painted Brembo logo

    Black Anodized Only - machined and painted Brembo logo

    Black Anodized Only - machined and painted Brembo logo

    Nickel Plated Only - machined Brembo Racing red logo

    Nickel Plated Only - machined Brembo Racing red logo

    • Description



      T Sportline has mated their Tesla expertise with the market-leading braking expertise from World-renowned racing brake experts, Brembo.   The Brembo Gran Turismo Tesla Model 3 Big Brake Kits have been exhaustively tested and validated by T Sportline to ensure proper quality, performance, and ultimate braking confidence for Tesla Model 3.  This front brake upgrade kit will instill the stopping confidence needed to wrangle the Tesla Model 3 to a stop, time and time again, on the street or on the track.   


      The T Sportline Brembo GT, GT|S, GT|R, BM Series, and PISTA FF Race Series kits include 6-piston monobloc calipers matted with lightweight 2-piece brake disc rotors, massively increasing thermal capacity to dramatically reduce brake fade, while effectively dissipating extreme heat at rates well beyond the capabilities of factory Tesla and many other aftermarket brake kits.   


      Fitments (Front Brakes Only)

      • 18" Wheels on Tesla Model 3 Standard, Long Range, and Performance
        • 355mm Rotors ONLY
        • GT, GT/S, GT/R Calipers ONLY
      • 19" Wheels on Tesla Model 3 Standard, Long Range, and Performance
        • 355mm Rotor or 380mm Rotors
        • GT, GT/S, GT/R Calipers ONLY
      • 20"+ Wheels on Tesla Model 3 Standard, Long Range, and Performance
        • 355mm Rotors or 380mm Rotors
        • GT, GT/S, GT/R, BM Series, PISTA FF Race Calipers 

      Brembo Tesla Caliper Options


      • GT Monobloc Systems - The most popular High Performance system for street to track. Systems come with opposed piston cast aluminum 6-piston Brembo calipers and are designed for high thermal resistance and precise brake modulation.  Features inner pressure seal and OEM approved dust boots.  (Red, Black, Silver, Yellow - painted Brembo logo)


      • GT/S Monobloc Systems - The GT "plus" version featuring cast aluminum 6-piston Brembo calipers with high value upgrade features including stainless steel piston inserts, twin internal seal design, recessed dust boots and anodized finish - track capable without worry of servicing seals or melting them.  (Black Anodized Only - machined and painted Brembo logo)


      • GT/R Monobloc Systems - The ultimate braking system intended to be used on the street or track, yet it is a very potent race system without compromising overall streetability: none of the noise or comfort issues of a traditional race system, yet all the qualities of a race caliper such as the strength of billet monobloc construction and corrosion resistance of nickel plating and extreme ventilation features.  CNC billet aluminum Brembo 6-piston caliper, ventilated stainless steel piston Inserts, twin internal seal design, recessed dust boots and nickel plating - the highest level “Race Specification” that is still validated as a “Road Car Caliper”. (Nickel Plated Only - machined Brembo Racing red logo) - Caliper/Bracket/Hardware/Pads Weight: 15.7 lbs



      • BM Series Systems - Brembo's GT | BM kits are designed to combine the best technical solutions and therefore to properly respond to the peculiarities of each vehicle. The aluminum monobloc calipers are the heart of the kit. They are machined from a single billet of aluminum that has been cast in Brembo's foundry. This ensures outstanding rigidity and minimized deformation. The discs that are provided in the kit have a unique ventilation system that improves the cooling capacity and increases by over 40% the resistance to the cracking that is caused by thermal shock. Additionally, the discs may be floating or one-piece, depending on the car model. ​
      T Sportline Brembo Tesla Model 3 BM Series Caliper


      • PISTA FF Forged Race Systems The PISTA| FF family makes its debut with a 6-piston caliper – FF6 and a 4-piston caliper – FF4, ideal for use on the track where drivers drive under extreme conditions in a constant search for the best lap time. The new Brembo PISTA | FF calipers have internal ducts that the brake fluid passes through which have been carefully studied to guarantee maximum bleedability of the system; they also have a rapid release system available on request for replacing the pads, as in endurance races, which enables the worn friction material to be replaced quickly and safely without having to remove the caliper from the hub carrier. From an aesthetic point of view too, the new calipers in the PISTA| FF family resemble the brake systems that Brembo uses in top racing competitions. They have a forged asymmetric body with a fixed tangential bridge. The quick release can be replaced with fixed elements to increase rigidity in sprint applications. ​
      T Sportline Tesla PISTA FF Forged Racing Brake

      Brembo Tesla Brake Rotors


      Brake discs are one of the major brake tuning options which a professional race team has at their disposal at any typical race weekend. There are many specifications and configurations which can drastically influence braking characteristics.  T Sportline has curated optimal options to best serve those who will spend most all their time on the street, street drivers who will occasionally track their cars, and those racers who are focused on the ultimate competition focused setup.  


      Brembo Tesla Brake Rotor Specifications:

      • Disc Outer Diameter: 355mm or 380mm (stock Tesla M3 is 355mm)
      • Disc Annulus: 
      • Disc Width: 32mm (355) or 34mm (380)
      • Disc Air Gap:
      • Disc Assembly Weight: lbs (each)
      • Construction: Two piece assemble, iron disc and aluminum hat
        • The disc is cast from advanced high carbon alloy finished with corrosion resistant plating
        • The hat is CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and hard anodized black
      • Disc to Hat System: Floating H-Bobbin with Anti-Rattle Spring
      • Disc Type: Cross Drilled, Type 1 Straight Slotted, Type 3 Motorsport Slotted


      Cross Drilled - Brembo cross drilled brake discs are suitable for a wide range of applications, operating temperatures and driving environments (especially wet weather).  These iconic looking discs are most suitable for street use and mild track duty.

      • Benefit: offers the highest initial response of all the available disc face types while continuously refreshing the braking surface and being also typically a bit lighter.
      • Drawback:drilled discs are generally more prone to heat checking and thermal cracking if used consistently at extremely high temperatures (ie Racing).


      Type 1 Straight Slotted - Brembo “8 straight – slot” face type with an emphasis on stable brake feel and improve resilience against thermal cracking.  These are the logical step up for those who plan to spend more time at high temps during longer and harder track usage.

      • Benefit: stable braking feel at all temperatures, low disc wear, and continuously refreshing the braking surface for optimum performance
      • Drawback: The Type 1 standard disc face has the lowest “initial response” or “bite” compared to Brembo Drilled, Type 3 discs.


      Type 3 Motorsport Slotted - Brembo developed this aggressive face type based on optimal motorsport performance with an emphasis on high initial response while maintaining a smooth pedal release

      • Benefit: highest overall braking confidence, control, and allows driver to spend less time on the brake pedal. When chasing the fastest lap time, less time on the brake pedal typically leads to a quicker lap time
      • Drawback: Any disc with an aggressive face type like the Type III will have a higher chance to mechanically abrade the pad and disc surface leading to quicker or uneven pad wear. 



      Brembo Tesla Brake Pad Friction Material


      The Ferodo FM1000 compound pads are included in every Brembo High Performance system. The FM1000 is a proprietary compound supplied by Ferodo to Brembo for great initial response, feel and modulation characteristics in a wide range of environments.


      Brembo High Performance FM1000 Brake Pads

      • Pad Volume: 107.3
      • Pad Surface Area: 95.4


      Included Hardware


      Caliper Mounting Brackets - Brembo Engineered and T Sportline validated CNC Billet Caliper Adapters - All necessary hardware and fasterners are included for ease of installation



      Brake LinesProprietary Brembo stainless steel braided brake lines made by Goodridge and validated by T Sportline