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    Wheel Trade-In Instructions

    Handle your trade-in wheels carefully!

    Remember, damaged wheels are not eligible for rebate!  

    Examples of unacceptable damage:
    • Bent wheels (we spin test all trade-in wheels)
    • Curb rash of any kind
    • Wheel damage (scratches or dings) resulting from careless handling 
    • Wheel damage incurred during shipping due to improper packaging
    Note: If your wheels are damaged, they will not be eligible for trade-in.  Do not ship damaged wheels to T Sportline, as returns are not possible.  Damaged wheels are scrapped without rebate.   


      Instructions for successful return and rebate:


      1. Save ALL of the packaging and boxes that your T Sportline wheels arrived in!  You will reuse ALL of the protective packaging and boxes when returning trade-in wheels.   


      2.1 Prepping your trade-in wheels for return - After you install your new T Sportline wheels, carefully inspect your stock take-off wheels and confirm they remain damage free.   Occasionally, tire mounting technicians can be careless with wheels and damage them.  We recommend reminding your tire technician to handle your take-off wheels carefully.  Take-off wheels should be carefully and properly repackaged at the tire installer facility immediately after removing from the car, to avoid damaging during transit.   


      2.2 Photos - Send pictures of your wheels to to confirm the trade-in order.  We will confirm the wheels are indeed eligible for trade-in.  We also need photos to confirm condition of the wheels before they are packaged and shipped.  Once photos are approved by T Sportline, we'll email you return shipment labels.


      3. Carefully re-package your stock, undamaged wheels & center caps in the T Sportline boxes.  Be sure you re-use ALL of the protective packaging that came on the new T Sportline wheels.  Do not forget to include the factory center caps too! Repackaging instructions:


      How to Ship Wheel Trade-Ins


      4. Apply the FedEx return shipment labels you received from T Sportline (labels came inside one of the wheel boxes) on each of the 4 wheel boxes.  Deliver the boxes to FedEx for shipment back to T Sportline.


      5. Inspection - Once we receive your stock Tesla wheels & center caps, we'll inspect and confirm they are without damage. Then we'll send a confirmation that we will send you a check for $800!   


      * Note - offer eligible only on complete sets with center caps (all 4 wheels and 4 center caps) of factory wheels, in like-new, non-damaged and unmodified condition.   No curb rashed or otherwise scratched or bent wheels will be accepted.  Offer valid in lower 48 states only.  


      Eligible Wheels:

      • Tesla Model 3: 20" Uberturbine
      • Tesla Model Y: 21" Uberturbine
      • Tesla Model S: 21" Arachnid 
      • Tesla Model X: 22" Turbine


      Eligibility - The $800 rebate is only eligible for fully functional, undamaged and unmodified (factory Tesla) 21" Uberturbine wheels and center caps. Parts that do not meet these conditions are not eligible for trade-in or rebate and will be discarded without any option for return.  We cannot return your wheels if you change your mind.  Be sure that you are pleased with your aftermarket wheels before returning your stock wheels, as we cannot retrieve or return your trade-in wheels once they ship. Eligibility requires you must return your stock parts within 30 days of receiving your new set. Our website general terms and conditions applies.