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    Tesla Cybertruck Accessories & Upgrades

    T Sportline will be developing Tesla Cybertruck Aftermarket Wheels, Accessories and Upgrades. Custom Services will be offered from Interior Upgrades to Window Tinting.

    Tesla Cybertruck Accessories & Upgrades are Coming Soon!

    The Tesla Cybertruck is Surprisingly Aerodynamic!

    The Tesla Cybertruck has garnered polarizing opinions since its unveiling. Some people love its futuristic aesthetic, while others despise its unconventional design.

    There are many reasons as why it looks so non-conforming. Tesla wanted to create a truck with a stainless steel exoskeleton which resulted in this limited design.

    Tesla Cybertruck Updates: Design Is Officially Finalized

    Elon Musk states final design for the Tesla Cybertruck is now "locked" and the updated timeline aims to begin production in mid 2023.

    Previously, Tesla targetted the production of the electric pickup to start in late 2022 in Gigafactory Texas.

    Tesla Cybertruck with New Features Spotted!

    A new Tesla Cybertruck prototype made a special appearance at the official event to launch the Tesla Megapack project at Moss Landing, California.

    Tesla Gears Up for Mass Production of Cybertruck!

    Tesla is gearing up production of the Cybertruck. The auto company is getting the world's largest casting machine. This machine, also known as the Giga Press, will be used for casting the Cybertruck's body.

    New Tesla Cybertruck Leak

    A new video and photos of a production Tesla Cybertruck leaked recently. It gives us a better idea of what changes have been made to the hefty vehicle so far.

    Cybertruck News & Updates December 2021

    There are new confirmed updates for the Tesla Cybertruck, as well as a new video of the Cybertruck at Tesla's Fremont Factory test track. CEO Elon Musk has a four-motor configuration:

    “Initial production will be a 4-motor variant, with independent, ultra-fast response torque control of each wheel." Since it has rear steering, it can also move like a tank, or crab.