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    FREE Color Wrap or Protection Film!

    Got your Cybertruck? If so, we're ready to give you a FREE vinyl color wrap or stainless steel protection film installation! That's right, in celebration of Tesla Cybertruck launch, we're giving the first one away free!

    Tesla Cybertruck Wheels, Upgrades & Accessories

    When Tesla first announced the Cybertruck, T Sportline was there! Count us in for 3 pre-orders, one was not going to be enough. We knew this next chapter for Tesla would be transformative not only for the company, but for Tesla owners alike. Quite likely, the Tesla Cybertruck is the 'first' pickup truck you've owned. We understand that and our outlook on upgrading and personalizing is tuned to serve a wide spectrum of customers from first time truck enthusiasts, all the way to equipping the most experienced truck user with all the must have products. Our commitment is to deliver the best quality products, offering innovative performance and appearance options, from the brand you can trust to support you while standing behind every product we offer. As always, the T Sportline product team has been hyper focused on developing upgrades and accessories to make the Cybertruck even better, more personalized, more exciting and the best accessorized for the greatest adventuring ever. We are happy to launch our new Cybertruck wheel line with 3 designs, and these rims are in stock today!

    Yours Sincerely, Team T Sportline - fellow Cybertruck Owners & Enthusiasts