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    TSC 20" Tesla Model 3 Forged Carbon Fiber Wheel (Set of 4)

    Forged Carbon

    Forged Carbon

    • Description



      T Sportline set a plan to move beyond the typical forged aluminum alloy used in performance aftermarket wheels and bring an OEM-quality carbon fiber wheel to the Tesla market.  This was no easy feat, considering the lofty load rating requirement necessary for Tesla usage.  The carbon fiber wheel market thus far has been limited to exotics, racing, and uber expensive selections….until now! 


      T Sportline is pleased to commercialize the very first forged carbon wheel designed and engineered to OEM standards specifically for Tesla fitments.  Not only is the wheel properly manufactured, T Sportline has shattered the carbon fiber wheel price obstacle offering the new TSC Forged Carbon Wheel at fraction of the price of other carbon fiber wheels, a unthinkable price for carbon fiber wheels that is comparable with fully forged aluminum alternatives. 


      Designing a carbon fiber wheel to properly and safely support the rigors of Tesla performance was no small task.  Some smaller boutique carbon fiber shops have made wheels for the aftermarket, but it's doubtful they had the proper engineer resources to validate the design and reach OEM-level strengths.   T Sportline's TSC Forged Carbon wheels have been designed using advanced finite element analysis (FEA) to predict high stress points and confirms to the SAE J3204 standard.  The design has been iterated many times to reach the desired specs and safety factors.  We used a conservative 1.223e +08 von Mises (N/m^2) design limit.  Not only was FEA used in design, the wheel design has been tested and approved for load and impact rating specifications.   Rest assured, this is an OEM-grade wheel backed with proper engineering, specifications, and testing validation - exactly what you'd expect from T Sportline.




      The new TSC design is both lightweight and ultra-strong, with the avant-garde beauty you’d expect from high gloss carbon fiber.  The forged carbon will withstand extreme loads experienced on Tesla vehicles.  And rest assured, the T Sportline TSC wheels exceed all rigorous regulatory and industry wheel requirements.  The forged carbon fiber look is what you’ll find on a limited selection of other high end exotic cars, such as Lamborghinis.  It is an advanced composite material, developed over many years, originally spawned from the aerospace industry.   T Sportline has driven a technological innovation in composite materials and raised the bar to a level never reached until now.  T Sportline’s TSC wheels are truly the culmination of aesthetics, technology, and performance.


      Specifications (Fits All Tesla Model 3 Variants)

      • Size: 20x9.5"
      • Offset: +35
      • Bolt Pattern (PCD): 5x114.3
      • Center Bore: 64.1 
      • Construction:Made from 100% Forged Carbon Fiber
      • Weight:20.25 lbs 
      • Load Rating: 750 kg/1,650 lbs
      • Tire Size: 
      • Colors: Forged Carbon Fiber
      • T Sportline Carbon Fiber Forged Wheels are Made in the USA


      • 20 inch TSC wheel built exclusively for the Tesla Model 3
      • Manufactured in a Forged Carbon Process
      • FEA Analysis tested under 3,400 lbs
      • Fits all Tesla Model 3 variants (Single Motor, Dual Motor, Performance)
      • Made in the USA 🇺🇸
      • Accepts factory Tesla center cap, factory Tesla TPMS sensor
      • Gloss Black T Sportline center caps included, but you can use a factory Tesla center cap
      • Black Mag Lug Nuts included
      • Not compatible with T Sportline or Tesla wheel lock nuts or lug nuts or lug caps

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      Do I need to change the color of my existing lug nuts and center caps to match my new Carbon  Fiber Forged Wheels?
      That's an aesthetic decision only you can make. All Carbon Fiber Forged Wheels come with T Sportline  center caps and special lug nuts specifically made for our carbon fiber forged wheels.

      What is the warranty on Carbon Fiber Forged Wheels?
      Click here for T Sportline Limited Warranty

      How long until my Carbon Fiber Forged Wheels arrive after my order?
      We process orders within 72 hours (unless your wheels are back-ordered). Please allow for 1-7 business days transit time from the day you receive a tracking number. We will email you if your wheels are back-ordered.

      Do you ship internationally?
      Yes! We ship worldwide and offer flat rate FedEx/DHL shipping to select countries.

      Will installing your wheels void my warranty?
      Changing wheels won't void your Tesla warranty unless Tesla can prove that our wheels caused the need for repairs. In other words, your warranty will still be valid when your rear window cracks, even if you've upgraded to our wheels.