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    Tesla Model Y Middle Console Integrated & Powered Drink Cooler

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      T Sportline knows what it is like to roadtrip your Tesla.  Keeping a couple drinks cool for the kiddos or spouse is a necessity for happiness!  Do you ever camp inside your Tesla?  Campers will enjoy this cooler as well!  Maybe you want to chill a small bottle of wine or champaign to share with a friend at your destination?  We can do that!  Have some meds that need to stay cool during the road trip? Ditch the ice box and stash the meds in this cooler!  Candy bars melting no more, stuff them in the cooler!  Lunch sub or burrito, sure, slide them in!

      The T Sportline Cooler is a very sleek design, carefully manufactured to organically integrate with the factory center console in the backseat.  The cooler looks like a Tesla factory option once installed!  

      Rest assured, no cutting, splicing, or wire cutting is needed, this is a plug and play device.   Fully reversible when you turn in the lease or sell your Tesla.  The cooler taps the existing power circuit in the center console and simply plugs inline with the existing wire.  Our DIY video walks through each step to guide you on installation. 

      The cooler is relatively small (2 typical plastic drink bottles or 3 twelve-once cans or 2 large energy drinks (23oz) or 2 small frame wine bottles will fit).  The cooler is just that, a "cooler" - so don't expect to deep freeze or totally ice-cold your drinks, won't happen - it is insulated just like a typical travel cooler, so dropping cold items in is like dropping cold items in a travel cooler plus the power to keep them cold. 


      The cooler only runs (power cooling) when the Tesla is 'on', so don't worry about killing your battery if you forget about the cooler.  It shuts off automatically when you are away from the Tesla.  



      • Fits all Model Y, all years and all versions
      • No permanent modifications needed (reversible install)
      • Plug and play
      • 15 watts of cooling power
      • Fits:
        • 3 cans (12 oz, typical soda can) - 2 straight in, 1 sideways on top
        • 2 plastic drink bottles (20oz or smaller)
        • 2 single-serving wine or champaign bottles (the short and skinny type)
        • Small sandwich bag 
        • Small sub or burrito 
        • Candy bars, go ahead and stuff it full!
      • Does Not Fit:
        • Square Fiji water bottles, sorry Fiji lovers!
        • Wide wine bottles
        • Jumbo size cans (over 23 oz)
        • "Grandma sized" lunch bags, ha ha!