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    S3XY Knob Tesla Model 3 / Y Rotary Function Controller - get SEXY

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    • Description

      A high-end rotary Tesla function controller with over 130 smart shortcuts

      The 'one hand' control Knob is launching!  No need to take your eyes off the road, now you can setup the S3XY Knob to command the Tesla functions and actions you desire, all with the simple twist of your wrist or click of the Knob.   The easy to install S3XY Knob opens up a library of 130+ Tesla function commands!  Similar to the original S3XY Buttons, installation of the knob entails plugging in the new second-generation Commander to your Tesla harness, installing the S3XY app on your smart phone, and selecting the Knob functions you desire from a library of over 130 shortcuts. 

      Compatible with all 2021+ Tesla Model 3 & Y equipped with the second-generation center console (the version with the sliding door), including either Intel and AMD infotainment processors.  

      The S3XY Knob functions as a stand alone producct just fine, or If you already have S3XY buttons or would like to add S3XY buttons with your Knob, you will be able to easily port them over to the included second-generation Commander module, which ships with all S3XY Knobs kits. The S3XY buttons will work TOGETHER with the Knob to expand usability as desired.  See all supported functions HERE.

      The S3XY Knob is currently not compatible with other cars like Model S / X and older Model 3. 



      • Requires second-generation center console (ie sliding door)
      • Model Y, 2021+ 
      • Model 3, 2021+ (does not work with pre-2021 Model 3)

      DIY Install Connection Point Options:

      • Rear Connection Point (Standard Option) - Fast and easy installation at the back of the Central Console. Not ideal for people that have other accessories connected at the same connector.  This option will not work with Model Y equipped with LFP battery.

      • Front Connection Point (Advanced Option - requires AMD infotainment) - Installation in the front right footwell area underneath the glovebox. Ideal for those have other accessories connected to the back the Central Console.  Note, this is a more challenging / advanced installation do to the connector being difficult to reach in the passenger footwell.  

      What's Included:
      • S3XY Knob (Gen 2)
      • Commander Module
      • Rear & Front Connection cables for the Gen 2 Commander
      • USB-C power cable for the Knob