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    Tesla Ultra-Lightweight Titanium Wheel Lug Nut Set

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    • Description

      T Sportline engineers have designed a line of Tesla specific titanium lug nuts, designed to proper Tesla wheel cone angles, Tesla contact seat depth, Tesla thread engagement length, and Tesla strength requirements.   The T Sportline Ultra-Lightweight Titanium Lug Nuts offer a significant reduction in unsprung weight while guaranteeing perfect compatibility and proper fitment with all factory Tesla wheels and all T Sportline wheels.  Reductions in unsprung mass improve overall efficiency (less mass moving means less energy used) and improve vehicle dynamics (lighter unsprung masses moving around with momentum during dynamic vehicle actions such as accelerating, decelerating, turning, and navigating roadway elevations.   


      The premium quality T Sportline titanium lug nuts are precision CNC-machined and thread gauge qualified from aerospace-grade, corrosion-free 6AL4V titanium, offered in classic raw titanium finish or PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating. 


      Three versions are offered.  The Short and Open End lugs offer the lightest possible weight and a classic raw titanium finish in a design that allows factory or T Sportline nug covers to be used, optionally if desired - or run them without caps if you like.   For a more refined appearance, a Full Length with Closed End lug is offered in two finished, Black PVD or Torched Gold.  The Full Length with Closed end lugs require no covers.  All T Sportline Titanium Lug Nuts are laser-etched with the T Sportline logo.  

      No special sockets are needed for installation, the T Sportline Titanium lug nuts are compatible with standard hex sockets.   The Base Titanium lugs use a 21mm socket (not included), the same as standard Tesla lug nuts.  The Black and Torched Gold lugs use 19mm hex lug socket (not included)  


      Lug Nut Weights (each)

      • Factory Stock Lug Nut & Cap: 48.4 grams
      • T Sportline Titanium Short Lug Nut: 24.4 grams
        • 50% Lighter than stock 
      • T Sportline Titanium Full Length Lug Nut: 30.9 grams
        • 36% lighter than stock

       T Sportline Titanium Lug Nut Weight Comparison


      • Aerospace-grade 6AL4V titanium
      • Rust-free & corrosion proof
      • Titanium density of 4.5 g/cm3 ~ 45% lighter than steel
      • Tesla-spec cone and contact patch
      • Exclusively designed and manufactured by T Sportline
      • Precision machined specifically to proper Tesla specifications 
      • Short version is compatible with all factory Tesla and T Sportline lug nut caps
      • Full length versions are finished designs and do not require plastic caps
      • Base Titanium uses factory-spec 21mm hex lug socket (not included)
      • Black and Torched Gold use 19mm hex lug socket (not included)



      • Tesla Model 3, Y, S, X - all factory wheels and all T Sportline wheels
      • Except not compatible with 21" Arachnid wheels on Tesla Model S 06.2021+
        21x9.5+40 1244228-00-B Arachnid
        21x10.5+45 1234229-00-C Arachnid


      Install Recommendation

      • Torque to 129 ft-lbs
      • Re-Torque to 129 ft-lbs after 100 miles of driving


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