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    Tesla Model 3 TMaxx 3x Adjustable Anti-Roll Sway Bars

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      T Sportline engineers have decades of experience in the racing industry, with a history of developing products for all tiers of professional racing.   Our philosophy is to leverage the expertise of racing subject matter experts to create a world class product.  We are Tesla experts, but rather than try and develop suspension parts on our own, we chose to leverage the professional expertise of our friends who specialize exclusively in racing suspension design to join us in bringing the market's best suspension solution for Tesla to market. The T Sportline TMaxx suspension line is the result of collaborating our Tesla expertise with the leading racing suspension experts' expertise to create one of the most advanced, reliable, and race winning suspension systems in the market today. Our team is proud to offer you these new systems, our proven worldwide expertise, and the best customer service in the industry.  With TMaxx you can expect to achieve faster lap times, better tire wear and a system that will grow with you as both driver and car progress.


      The T Sportline Tesla Model 3 TMaxx 3x Adjustable Anti-Roll Sway Bars can be configured in three (3) setting, with increasing stiffness from street (lowest setting), to street / strip (middle setting), and race (max setting).  


      Features and Vehicle Dynamics Improvements:

      • TMaxx front and rear bars are matched for optimal body role control 
      • Reduced body roll during cornering to improve driver control and lap times
      • Faster acceleration out of cornering due to settled vehicle body angle and traction improvement
      • Reduced body roll for more consistent and improved tire traction 
      • Included higher durometer polyurethane sway bar bushings reduce deflection and improve sway bar response precision 
      • Reduced understeer and push 
      • Reduced oversteer and slide
      • Steering response time reduces for faster and more precise control in turns
      • Adjustability is suitable for daily driven street use or racing use, easy DIY adjustment



      Front Sway Bar - 

      Tesla Model 3, 2017-present (All Variants and Models)

      • AWD - Long Range, Performance  (stock sway bar = 28.0mm)
      • RWD - Base, Standard, Standard + (stock sway bar = 28.0mm)

      Rear Sway Bar - 

      Tesla Model 3, 2017-present (All Variants and Models)

      • AWD - Long Range, Performance   (stock sway bar = 19.6mm)
      • RWD - Base, Standard, Standard + (stock sway bar = None or 16mm or 19.6mm)
        • RWD cars without a factory equipped rear sway bar will require extra parts when adding a T Sportline rear sway bar.   Add the required install kit, if needed - click HERE for the kit.



      • Designed & Made in USA to our specification, exclusively for T Sportline 
        • Not made by Eibach, nor are they the same
      • Front 32mm OD 
      • Rear 22mm OD
      • Powder coated
      • Fully forged ends (no welds)
      • Limited lifetime warranty
      • Adjustable: 3 end link position settings, street / street & strip / race
      • DIY install friendly - no permanent modifications to vehicle 
      • Includes bushing position locking collars
      • Includes polyurethane bushings and installation grease