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    Tesla Cybertruck Full Coverage Paint Protection Film (PPF) and Installation

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      Paint Protection Film, often referred to as clear bra or PPF, is a transparent, thermoplastic urethane film that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle, primarily to protect the 'paint'.  For Tesla Cybertruck, the body features a 'paintless' stainless steel, which similar to paint, is in need of protection against scuffs, scratches, and stains.   Effectively, we're using PPF as Stainless Steel Protection Film (SSPF). It acts as an invisible shield, protecting your Tesla Cybertruck's Stainless Steel from a variety of potential hazards, including stone dings, road debris damage, scratches & scuffs, and even UV rays. The key to its effectiveness lies in its self-healing properties, which means minor scratches or scuffs will vanish “aka heal” naturally in the presence of sunlight. 


      Once we install SSPF on your Cybertruck, it looks just the same – you can’t see it!  SSPF is fully transparent, super glossy and smooth, meaning it looks invisible and you see the stainless steel underneath.   By design, SSPF just like PPF, is also hydrophobic and xpels water naturally.  


      T Sportline has been installing PPF on Tesla models since the beginning!  Since 2013, we’ve gained more experience than anyone on Tesla PPF & SSPF, rest assured, we do it best. 


      Note: Pricing is for standard films.  Any special films such as flips, textures, patterns, or limited editions may require additional fee to cover the added cost of specialty film.  Call us to confirm if any questions!  


      T Sportline Mutli-Step Stainless Steel Protection Film Installation Service:

      1 – Preparation (required option)

      The vehicle is professionally washed and de-waxed.  We then ‘clay bar’ all stainless steel surfaces to prepare the paint for SSPF adhesion.   Next, we correct any areas requiring removal of water spots, swirl marks, scuffs, and minor scratches.  

      2 – Cutting and Application

      We use proprietary house-made templates to cut our SSPF, with each piece carefully designed to fit the Tesla Cybertruck panel and wrap around each edge to ensure the invisible look. It’s a bit tedious, but we prefer perfection.  Each SSPF section is applied, aligned, and locked into place with all edges inspected and corrected as needed. 

      3 – Inspection and Adjustments

      After installation, vehicles rest on site for a day allowing our technicians a chance to complete any final adjustments that may arise after the installed SSPF has settled overnight and all edges have dried.


      Paint Protection Film Options:

      • TMaxx SSPF
        • TPU SSPF/PPF 7.5mm
        • Gloss >94, or Satin
        • 4 layer (Clearcoat / Polyurethane / Acrylic Adhesive / Polyester Release Liner
        • Warranty 10 years
        • Origin = Japan Matai Base Film with Carshew Coating
        • Peal force = 1400gf/inch
        • Anti-Yellowing = ΔE< 4
        • Tensile Strength = 50.8Mpa
      • Xpel PPF
        • TPU PPF 7.6mm (Stealth is 7.9mm)
        • Gloss >90, or Satin
        • Gloss, or Stealth (Satin)
        • 4 layer (Clearcoat / Polyurethane / Acrylic Adhesive / Polyester Release Liner
        • Warranty 10 years
        • Peal force = 1033-to-1800gf/inch
        • Anti-Yellowing = ΔE< 2
        • Tensile Strength = 15Mpa


      SSPF Finish Options

      • Gloss
      • Stealth / Satin