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    Tesla Model 3 & Y MSX-Entertainment 3.0 Rear Touch Screen with Bluetooth Audio, Apple CarPlay / AirPlay & Streaming Apps

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    • Description

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      V3 features improved AC vent (larger) and updated faster processor!
      tesla model 3 / y rear screen vent

      The T Sportline Tesla Model 3 & Y MSX-Entertainment 3.0 Touchscreen brings essential entertainment to the backseat for the delight of the kiddos!  The high quality 7.3" touchscreen mounts directly to the factory center console, looking like a factory original Tesla upgrade option!  


      This high definition auxiliary screen for your Tesla Model Y or Model 3 backseat will make your kids the envy of all others.   Complete with wireless Apple Car Play or Android Auto functionality to your Tesla Model 3 or Y, backseat passengers will be fully entertained and comfortable, retaining the ability to control the backseat climate control.  Complete with dual USB-C charge & data ports and NEW integrated bluetooth audio output! 


      Now you can connect wireless earbuds or headset to the MSX-Entertainment 3.0, sending screen audio output directly to the wireless earbuds / headset.   The screen can connect to one set of earbuds or headset.   If you need to connect 2 sets of headsets, wireless isn't an option, but we have an optional plug-in adapter which will allow plugging two headsets with standard 3.5mm audio cables into the USB-C port.

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      Plug-and-Play installation.  Fits all factory console mounting points. No drilling, cutting or special wiring necessary.   No permanent modifications needed, can easily be removed and returned to stock when turning in a leased vehicle.   Follow our step-by-step video instructions.    T Sportline DIY Trim tool kit recommended.  


        🔧 Professional installation by T Sportline is offered in Van Nuys, CA or Atlanta, GA.

      • Add 'installation option' above to the order and we will contact you to schedule


      Install and Usage Customer Support Team

      We are based in the USA and welcome calls or emails anytime, we are hear to help you however needed with the product, installation, or usage!


      Unique and Exclusive T Sportline MSX-Entertainment Touchscreen Features


      • Allows utilizing popular Apple CarPlay or Android Auto functions!
      • Play videos in high def! (from USB-C port)
      • Watch YouTube, Netflix, and more (with WiFi connection or Hot Spot)
      • Disney + is not supported / Does not work on the screen
      • Access & install apps from Android App Store (with WiFi connection)
      • This Model 3/Y Rear touch screen integrates seamlessly with the Tesla infotainment system and provides not only entertainment for rear seat passengers but also allows them to control various aspects of your Tesla, such as rear seat temperature, blower speed, seat heaters, and audio volume.
      • Proper USA Spec for USA Model 3 and Y, Firmware Exclusive to T Sportline
      • Temperature reads in Farenheiht! 
      • Warranty: 1 year



      • Model Y - all years and versions up to 2024 
        • How to determine where your car was built? 
          7SAYGFEE1DA056499 =  = If 11th digit of VIN is A, your vehicle was built in Austin, TX. The MSX-Entertaiment Rear Screen will include a required dedicated harness.
          7SAYGFEE1DF056499 = If 11th digit of VIN is F, your vehicle was built in Fremont, CA. Therefore, no additional harnesses are necessary.
      • Model 3 (2 versions, select the proper match to your Model 3)
        • Version 1 - produced 2016 through February 2019
          • Note: Opening the center console arm rest all the way up may pop rear screen loose - this is due to Tesla using a different arm rest for 2016-2019.  Screen can be popped back into place.
        • Version 2 - produced March 2019 through present


      Tech Specs:

        • Display: 7.3 inch high definition 1280x800, full color, LCD touch screen
        • 4K HD Video / IPS Screen
        • Powerful 4+32GB processing & Memory; No lagging!
        • Quallcomm Snapdragon QCM6125 8-core 64-bit processor
        • Auto LCD brightness - Day (white backing) / Night (black backing)
        • Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (Wireless connection)
        • Integrated Bluetooth audio output (Wireless audio output to Bluetooth equipped earbuds or headset)


      • Android 13.0 operating system download & use apps from Google Play Store
      • Controls: Touch Screen 
      • 2 USB-C charging & data ports / supports fast charging phones
      • Bluetooth communication (smart phone and Tesla and earbuds/headphones)
      • WiFi connectivity (connects to your WiFi or Hotspot)



        Limited 1-year warranty (does not include normal wear and tear or customer damage)




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