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    Custom Laser Etched Tesla Key Cards - Personalized for Model 3 / Y / S / X / Cybertruck

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      Tesla key cards are a handy way to manage locking and starting your Tesla Model 3 / Y / S / X / Cybertruck.  Perfect for Valet, family members, or friends who need access occasionally.  Tesla key cards are convenient for when your phone is not accessible or out of battery, or if someone else needs temporary access.  That said, all Tesla key cards look identical!  Valets get confused and multi-Tesla homes get mixed up.  Put your marker or label tape away because T Sportline engineers set out to make Tesla Key cards visually unique in a manner that looks truly great!   


      We've fixtured up our in-house laser etcher to enable custom marking Tesla key cards.  With three lines of customizable text, we offer plenty of space to make the Tesla key card personalized and unique.   Best of all, we start with brand new Tesla key cards, so no hassle 'sending in a core card'.  Once you receive the your new custom key card from T Sportline, simple use your existing key card to sync the new card to your Tesla (note - you must have an existing key card to sync a new card.  If you've lost all your cards, you will need to go to a Tesla service center to get this new key card synced).



      • New authentic Tesla key card 
      • Custom laser etched here at T Sportline


      Font Options:

      • Cybertruck Font - T Sportline made a custom font to match; we expand the letters to make it more legible as shown
      • Gotham Font- a bold classic option
      • Tesla Font - T Sportline made a custom font to match


      Tesla Key Card Fonts

      Icon Options:

      • Choose to add a vehicle silhouette instead of custom text as the top line

      Tesla Key Card Icons