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    Film Install Wash & Prep Kit

    • Description

      Don't leave prep work to guesses!  This kit was curated to provide exactly the right supplies to prep for installation of vinyl or PPF.  Our T Sportline 'Stripper' wash is formulated to remove all wax and polishes and leave a residue-free surface.  Cleanliness is critical for successful film installation.   A brand new soft touch wash mitt is included for washing, and never worrying about residual wax in old wash mitts.   The clay bar is enough to do one complete vehicle, micropolishing surfaces for the ultimate film installation preparation.   Microfiber towels can be used to touch-up areas with alcohol.   Guide tape can be used to hold film in place during installation.   


      • 50ml T Sportline 'Stripper' Prep Wash Soap (No wax or polish)
      • Full Size 'No Scratch' Soft Wash Mitt
      • 1x Fine Claybar 
      • 2x Microfiber Towel
      • Guide Tape Roll