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    Tesla Winter Tire Package Special: Free AMaxx Tesla Digital Tire Inflator Cordless Portable Air Pump & Tesla Wheel Tire Totes Bundle

    • Description
      Tesla Winter Tire Package Special
      • Keep tires properly inflated for max winter traction and year-round max range & tread life
      • Tote and store summer and winter tires easily and without spreading the dirt


      Team 1EV engineers didn’t want to make just another inflator, they wanted to bring the most powerful rechargeable inflator to market. What good is an inflator if the battery is so small the inflator runs out of juice before inflating the tire?! At a whopping 27,500 mAh of battery, AMaxx inflator from T Sportline has more than 3.5x the battery size of competing inflators. What this means is you can comfortably inflate a full set of tires from zero psi to full pressure, and still have battery left. In reality, don’t worry if your inflator isn’t fully charged, because even at low battery levels you can safely inflate a tire. Safety, security, and reliability were our goals with AMaxx - the market leader in portable rechargeable tire inflators - don't get stranded without the AMaxx Tire Inflator!


      AMaxx is a digitally controlled tire inflator which takes the guess work out of inflating tires Simply set the tire pressure on AMaxx control panel and press start The AMaxx charger will inflate up to the set pressure and automatically stop.  Inflate sport balls, regular bike tires, Presta valve bike tires, inflatable toys and more. The AMaxx includes adapter needle and more for connecting to most popular air inflating valves.


      AMaxx has a convenient integrated USB-C output for charging devices. Take the AMaxx with you to the sports event, on a bike ride, to the beach - or wherever - and don’t worry about your phone battery running dry.


      TMaxx Tire Sealant


      AMaxx Air Inflator Features

      • Easily inflate four tires and still have plenty of battery left!
      • Integrated LED flashlight and emergency lighting
      • Easy to see illuminated LCD screen
      • Works as power bank as well, USB-C output for charging all your other devices
      • Quiet and efficient permanent magnet motor
      • Smart digital control for precision inflating to set pressure
      • Automatic shut-off function when tire reaches desired pressure

      AMaxx Air Inflator Specifications

      • 27.75Wh /  7,500mAh Rechargeable Integrated Battery
      • Noise: 1m ≤ 80dB
      • USB-C Charging Port
      • Smart control in PSI or BAR
      • 125 PSI Air Compressor
      What is Included with AMaxx Air Inflator
      • Tire inflator with removable quick connect flexible hose
      • USB-C Charging Cable
      • Carrying bag
      • Inflators for sport balls and bike tires
        • Standard Automotive Tire / TPMS Valve Stem (Schrader Type)
        • Presta Bile Valve Adapter
        • Needle Adapter for Sport Balls
        • Nozzle Cone for Inflatables
      About Tesla Wheel Tire Totes
      Make transporting and storing tires easier with the Project Charged Tire Totes made for Tesla wheels and tires. Using double adjustable velcro straps and the easy-to-carry integrated handle, purposeful styling alleviates the mess and hassle associated with seasonal tire changes while protecting your car's interior from the mess that comes from tire and brake dust, dirt, grime and grease. These heavy-duty tire totes are compatible with every Tesla wheel and tire, factory or aftermarket, and all sizes.  
      • Sold in Sets of 4
      • Fits all Tesla Wheel and Tires including all Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model S, and Tesla Model X Wheel and Tires
      • Make transporting and storing extra set of Tesla wheels and tires easier
      • Adjustable strap and easy-to-carry handle
      • Clean, compact styling for a hassle-free seasonal tire change while protecting your car's interior from tire grime and dust.
      • Featuring the Project Charged logo and wordmark
      • Manufactured from durable nylon fabric by Project Charged