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    Tesla Cybertruck Charge Port Carbon Fiber Film Wrap Kit

    • Description

      The Cybertruck charging port is creatively integrated into the rear wheel arch cladding, but our engineers decided it would be cool to wrap the port face with a personalized touch.  Our Cybertruck Charger Port Carbon Fiber Film Wrap Kit provides the upgraded looks of gloss carbon weave all around the charge plug port under the charge door.  This easy to DIY kit is ready for anyone to install at home and includes an alcohol surface prep wipe, the precision fitting CNC-cut carbon fiber vinyl wrap film, and our 1EV vinyl wrap edge tool to help make sure all edges of the film fit flush and tight to the corners.  


      Perfect add-on upgrade to any Cybertruck.  Ready to wrap your Cybertruck?  Check our DIY Wrap options HERE.



      • CNC-cut self adhesive vinyl carbon fiber film 
      • Gloss finish simulated carbon fiber weave film 
      • Clearance cut around illuminated Cybertruck icon 
      • Installs in minutes!
      • Easy DIY install, no experience or expertise needed


      What is included:

      • One (1) charge port vinyl carbon fiber self adhesive wrap decal
      • Alcohol prep towelette 
      • 1EV edge tool


      DIY Installation:

      1. Open and thoroughly wash charge port and surrounding area.  Be sure edges and corners of charge port are washed clean.  Dry area overnight.


      2. Wash and clean hands thoroughly.  Wipe down charge port face with included alcohol prep wipe.  Be sure to wipe full face and all corners.  Use 1EV edge tool to help press alcohol wipe along edges and corners.


      3. Peal backing from carbon fiber vinyl wrap, align wrap with long side edge of charge port face while centering between short edges (top and bottom sides).  Gently place vinyl on charge port face.  Check and approve alignment of edges, adjust as needed.  Once place acceptably, use finger to press vinyl firmly onto charge port face.  Once pressed firmly in place, use 1EV edge tool to flatten edges into corners as needed.