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    J3204 Wheel Testing Standard for Carbon Fiber and Composite Wheels

    The SAE J3204 wheel standard is a hybrid composite wheel testing standard set by the Society of Automotive engineers (SAE) to validate and ensure structural integrity and quality of a hybrid composite made wheel. 

    Generally wheels made out of carbon fiber are defined as a composite wheel. Composite wheels sometime have aluminum center sections where wheels attach to vehicles, hence the term "hybrid composite." SAE J3204 has minimum performance requirements for fatigue and impact testing as well as maximum operating temperature (MOT). 

    The nature of carbon fiber comes along with what's called a glass transition temperature where at above a certain temperature stiffness is diminished. In order to ensure a composite wheel is stiff and rigid enough under high temperature, the SAE J3204 standard has a Maximum Operating Temperature test to ensure each wheel performs below the glass transition temperature.



    T Sportline TSC Carbon Fiber wheels are made from true SMC forged sections, each passing a rigorous quality inspection.  To bond the face and barrel forgings together, T Sportline engineers have chosen the same aerospace adhesive grade material used in bonding aircraft structural components.  The bond area is designed with a substantial safety factor and has been tested to 250 psi without failure.   We use 100% Xray and leak test inspection to ensure perfect bond integrity.   The final assembled wheel is tested at a 3rd party lab to the J3204 standard.


    T Sportline Carbon Fiber Wheels