Tesla Model 3 Sport Lowering Springs Information & Specifications

Product Description:

Our Model 3 Sport Lowering Springs improve the ride quality of the Tesla Model 3 by increasing spring travel for increased comfort. Simply put, our springs will give your Model 3 a less “stiff” ride.

The ride height is lowered by approximately 1" (25mm). Improve the look and comfort of your Tesla Model 3 with our Sport Lowering Springs!

This product requires professional installation.

Made in USA.

 Tesla Model 3 Lowering Springs, Linear, Progressive, Dual Rate Performance


  • Linear Rate Front Springs, Progressive Rate Rear Springs.
  • Extensively tested in parking lots with speed bumps, potholes, freeways, and city streets.
  • Specifically engineered for comfort and road use.
  • Best combination for daily driving experience.
  • Balances performance and driver's comfort.
  • Maintains a reasonable ground clearance.
  • Improves handling and assistance in roll-control without compromising ride comfort.
  • Recommended for all drivers who wants a lowered Model 3 with a smoother ride.


Why Linear Rate Front Springs?

  • Best setup for a comfortable, precise steering input.
  • Maintains the same spring rate through compression.


Why Progressive Rate Rear Springs?

  • Smooth and comfortable ride.
  • Advanced and complex engineering required to give the most comfortable daily driving road, or street, use.
  • As the the spring is compressed, it smoothly increases to a stiffer spring rate.
  • Optimizes the center of gravity and suspension geometry while driving.
  • Reduces the force of impact over bumps, potholes, and rough road conditions.