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    So Metà: T Largo #10 of 20

    By Glenn Oyoung

    Well that escalated quickly. Only a few months after introducing the T Largo program capped at 20 Model X’s, TSportline has just completed T Largo #10. “Largo” means wide in Italian and “Metà” means middle, so if you didn’t understand the title now you know. 

    Like the other T Largo’s we’ve covered this one certainly has a striking presence thanks to its Xpel Stealth Satin black exterior and clean white interior. The owner of T Largo #10 prefers to remain anonymous, which is fitting given the stealthy look of his ride.



    One look at this T Largo and you immediately know you’re not looking at a “normal” Model X, yet T Sportline’s upgrades are fitting of something an in-house tuner (think AMG, BMW M, Alpina) for Tesla would produce in terms of appearance, fit, and finish. 

    The first dose of aggression hits you at 20 feet out in the form of the satin black exterior. This look is achieved through a full-body wrap using  Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film. Nothing says “I’m soft” like a bunch of chrome, so T Sportline obsessively covered every bright bit on the exterior using 3M Gloss Black wrap and even painting the Tesla logos & trunk hatch trim gloss black. 

    T Largo #10’s exterior gets another huge dose of body-building thanks to T Sportline’s limited edition wide body package. Carbon fiber fender flares, front splitter, diffuser, and rear wing transform an already-impressive feat of engineering into the pinnacle of EV performance and style. 

    One would not be blamed for wanting to show off all of this gorgeous carbon fiber. However, T Sportline is about striking a balance between performance, style, and subtlety. That being said they decided to paint the fender arches while leaving the other parts of the package in exposed carbon. 

    Rounding out the exterior upgrades is a full 3M Crystalline 70%/40% tint package covering the front windshield, side windows, panoramic roof, and rear window. The tint keeps the interior cool while also lending to the stealthy appearance.



    The T Largo program is limited to twenty vehicles in the U.S. All T Largo Model X’s are outfitted with 22” Limited Edition TS120 20-spoke forged wheels that are wide enough (22x9.5” front 22x10.5” rear) to match the body kit.

     T Largo #10 features gloss black TS120’s which are a perfect fit to the satin black exterior and contrast beautifully against the white interior. These wheels accept the factory center caps and TPMS sensors and are shod in the factory Pirelli Scorpion Zero TO tires (265/35-22 front and 285/35-22 rear).


    T Largo #10 is perfect for its owner, who wants to remain low-profile but still will catch the respect and attention of those who know what’s up. With a stealthy exterior and a healthy dose of aggression and style, this ride is a fitting mid-point milestone for the T Largo program.


    T LARGO #10/20

    Base Car

    • 2019 Tesla Model X Performance


    • Painted Tesla 'T' in Gloss Black
    • Painted T Largo Fender arches and side skirts in Black

    Wheels & Suspension

    • Limited Edition TS120 22” forged wheels 22x9.5” front 22x10.5” rear finished in Gloss Black. Exclusively for the T Largo Carbon Fiber Wide Body Package.
    • Uses factory Pirelli Scorpion Zero TO tires 265/35-22 front and 285/35-22 rear factory tire set,, original TPMS and accepts factory center caps.