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    Tesla Cybertruck Aero Cover Wheel Removed Center Cap and Wheel Lug Nut Cover Set

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    • Description

      Removed the factory Tesla Cybertruck aero covers and need to cover the lug nuts and open center hub hole in the wheel?  This Cybertruck Center Cap and Wheel Lug Nut Cover Set is just the solution!  The T Sportline caps are a direct plug and play fit with the factory Cybertruck wheels and lug nuts.  Simply pull off your stock Cybertruck aero covers (if your truck included them - some trucks are delivered without covers), and press the T Sportline Center Cap and Lug Nut Covers into place.   The kit includes four center caps and 24 lug nut covers.  The center caps are an exact fit for the Cybertruck wheel hub opening, pressing into place and engaging with the integrated center cap tabs and tension ring.  Lug nut caps are a press-on fit.  We include a lug nut cap removal tool to easily pull caps off.  


      For those who want to label the caps, we offer three options.  You can select a "Cybertruck" script logo, "Cyberbeast" script logo, or Cybertruck "Silhouette", "Tsportline" script logo.  The logos are made from white vinyl, and apply to the caps like a decal.  We provide 4 CNC-cut vinyl decals per set.

      Cybertruck and Cyberbeast Centercap Logo Decals

      Once installed, the T Sportline Cybertruck Wheel Center Caps and Lug Nut Covers create a more finished and proper look.


      Removing Cybertruck Aero Cover and Replacing with Center Caps and Lug Covers

      Center Caps and Lugs Fit:

      • All Factory 20" Cybertruck "Aero Cover - Type" All Terrain Wheels
      • Stock Tesla Lug Nuts


      • 4x Center Hub Wheel Caps
      • 1x Wheel Lug Nut Cover Set in Black (24 total caps)
      • Lug Nut Cover Removal Tool
      • OPTIONAL - 4 pack of center cap white vinyl decals 


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