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    Tesla Cybertruck 1x4 Bed Power Adapter & Tote - 240V to Four 120V Receptacles

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      Ready to make full use of the 240V auxillary power outlet in the bed of your Tesla Cybertruck?  The T Sportline 1x4 Bed Power Adaptor is made specifically to convert the factory Cybertruck 240V power output into four 120V household outlets.  This adapter lets you power up to four different 120V electrical devices.  Combined with the two factory 120V outlets in the Cybertruck bed, you'll now have six total 120V outlets to use in the bed!  




      • Proper power rating for Tesla Cybertruck auxilary power outlet in truck bed
      • Tested and proven proper function 
      • Angled receptacle end, allows for larger headed 120V plugs to fit
      • Safety capped receptacles, keep them clean and safe when not in use
      • Includes T Sportline storage tote bag
      • Plug and play function, no tools or hassle