NCGv2 Nosecone Grille

NCGv2 Nosecone Grille


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Our NCGv2 Nosecone Tesla Model S Grille gives you the sense and styling of a more traditional car, providing you with a unique look that sets you apart from the next Tesla Model S owner. Our grille replaces your factory nosecone. Please note our NCGv2 does not come with a factory emblem or the factory chrome trim below the emblem. The factory 'T'emblem and chrome trim found on the factory nosecone must be transferred onto the NCGv2 by a professional installer. Available for all Tesla Model S. The NCGv2 was designed to install within 15-30 minutes. A Do It Yourself install is available should you choose to perform the upgrade on your own. View our installation video here.If your car is equipped with parking sensors, we offer a nosecone with pre-drilled holes for factory parking sensors.
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