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    Tesla Vacuum Cup Quick Mount Black Crossbar Multi-Sport & Cargo TreeFrog Pro Roof Rack

    • Description


      TreeFrog Pro Crossbar Multi-Sport & Cargo Roof Rack is the perfect carrier for someone who wants to have an eco-friendly, range-saving rack with super fast installation and removal.  Most traditional racks are bolted to the roof and are carried around all year long, making the vehicle less efficient and costing range. With TreeFrog racks, the super fast installation allows you to install them only when you need to carry your bikes, skis, snowboards, kayaks, and boards only when you need them; when you don’t, just pop the rack off the roof for improved range economy!

      TreeFrog Pro Crossbar Multi-Sport & Cargo Roof Rack is thoughtfully engineered to provide impressive function while maintaining sleek and stylish design. This easy to install roof rack is suited to attach to your vehicle’s roof, truck, hatchback, or rear glass.


      The articulating frame is flexible by design and will conform with body or glass curvature, while providing a confidently rigid mounting structure. The front mount is secured using four (4) TreeFrog vacuum mounts while the rear rack uses two (2) vacuum mounts. Vacuum pumps enable effortless installation. Removal is quick and easy, by just releasing the vacuum and lifting off the rack. This rack fits virtually any car! Designed for use with all types of cargo, up to 88 lbs. 


      Wind noise: All roof racks, regardless of brand or make, will cause wind noise.  It is normal to experience some wind noise.  The wind noise with this rack is similar to what would be experienced with the Tesla branded roof rack.  However, the benefit of this removable rack is the wind noise is only experienced when using the rack!   


      • Made for quick and easy roof top, trunk, or hatchback attachment
      • No tools or expertise is required, racks can easily be installed and removed
      • Suitable for attachment to glass or smooth-painted rigid surfaces including vehicle body panels made from steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, fiberglass and structural composites
      • Keep the inside of your vehicle clean and damage free by strapping cargo to the roof rack
      • Optional security cable system is offered (not included) for locking cargo and rack to vehicles
      • Includes storage caps for vacuum cups, to protect against dirt and damage
      • Tested and proven for fitment and usage on Tesla Model S 3 X Y 


      • Sophisticated design, the elegant bladed bar shape reduces aerodynamic drag for minimal range impact and reduced air noise
      • 6061 Anodized aluminum bracketry
      • 304 Stainless steel ‘rust free’ hardware
      • Weight limit capacity is 88 lbs / 40 kg
      • 6” Suction cup diameter
      • Weight: 16 lbs / 7.3 Kg
      • Footprint front: 48 in x 5.9-13 in / 122 cm x 15-33 cm

      What is included:

      • 1 x Front mounting rack with 4 vacuum cups and covers
      • 1 x Rear mounting rack with 2 vacuum cups and covers
      • 1 x Spray water bottle and cleaning microfiber cloth
      • 1 x 5g lubricant for vacuum pump maintenance
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