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    2016 - 2020 Tesla Model S Single Motor RWD / Dual Motor AWD Air Strut Shock Assembly Front & Rear

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    • Description

      T Sportline has worked exclusively with the Tesla OEM manufacturer for factory air suspension system to bring a full line of OEM quality stock replacement components to market.  All T Sportline air suspension components for Tesla are made to the exact upgraded Tesla design revision specification, solving for any weakness in the factory originally design.  You can now restore the full performance, comfort, and effectiveness of your Tesla air ride suspension with T Sportline replacement parts.  Replacement parts will eliminate any sag in ride height that is typical when air suspension parts are worn out, leaking or inoperable.   Rest assured, T Sportline air suspension parts are direct bolt-on replacements, easily installed without any modifications, cutting, or grinding.  


      These are not 're-manufactured' like others sell, these are brand new components.  Each air strut shock is carefully tested for active damping functionality and certified before approving for sale.  T Sportline has properly matched Tesla OEM component part numbers and application data, making it easy to confirm you're getting the correct part for you vehicle.   


      A sagging corner on your Tesla is a likely sign of failed or worn out air strut shocks on that corner.   Air strut shocks utilize a multi-layer flexible polymer air bladder to expand and contract by design.   These bladders are reinforced with nylon bands, similar to tire construction - in fact, bladders are manufacturer by tire companies such as Firestone, Continental and Goodyear.   Over time and use and exposure to elements, the bladders can crack, leak or otherwise fail.   T Sportline air strut shocks feature premium-grade air bladders for the ultimate longevity. 

      Front Fitments

      • Fits Dual Motor AWD 2016-2020 Tesla Model S (Left or Right)
        • Replaces OEM PN: 1067361-77-C
        • Replaces OEM PN: 1067361-25-C
        • Replaces Arnott PN: AS-3380
      • Fits Single Motor RWD 2016-2017 Tesla Model S (Left or Right)
        • Replaces OEM PN: 1067362-25-B, 1067362-77-B
        • Replaces Arnott PN: AS-3748

      Rear Fitments

      • Fits Dual Motor AWD 2016-2020 Tesla Model S (Left or Right)
        • Replaces OEM PN: 1067461-25-C
        • Replaces OEM PN: 1067466-25-C
        • Replaces Arnott PN: AS-3381
      • Fits Single Motor RWD 2016-2017 Tesla Model S 
        • Replaces OEM PN: 1067461-26-B Passenger Side
        • Replaces OEM PN: 1067466-26-B Driver Side
        • Replaces Arnott PN: AS-3749 Passenger Side
        • Replaces Arnott PN:  AS-3750 Driver Side



      • Offered individually, in pairs, or full vehicle sets



      • Latest updated OEM factory Tesla specification 
      • Premium factory components
      • Made to factory quality and standards
      • Road tested design 
      • Improved seals to prevent air leaks
      • Designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA 🇺🇸


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