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    Tesla Model Y Factory Brushed Center Cap Set and Wheel Lug Nut Cover Set in Silver for 19" Gemini Wheels

    • Removing your Model Y 'Gemini' Aero Covers? Get a set of Tesla Factory Brushed Center Caps and a Tesla Wheel Lug Nut Cover Set in Silver to clean up the look of the base wheel.

    • Country
      Shipping Cost in USD Per Set
      USA 10
      Canada 25
      Puerto Rico 25
      Netherlands 30
      Europe 30
      Australia 30
      New Zealand 30
      Asia 20


      Shipping & Handling charges subject to change without prior notification. If your country is not listed, please contact us for a shipping quote. PLEASE NOTE THAT INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS ARE SUBJECT TO CUSTOMS TAXES/DUTIES, AS CHARGED BY YOUR COUNTRY (THERE ARE NO U.S. CUSTOMS FEES). INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT OF THESE FEES. Due to service availability, some international orders may need to be sent to the nearest international airport.